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On Tuesday we went along to the Target Launch. Here is what we saw and got up to!

Target Launch

Posted: 21.09.17 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

On Tuesday we went along to the Target Launch. Here is what we saw and got up to!

On Tuesday 19 September, we went along to the Target Darts launch. It was held at the Manor of Groves Hotel in Hertfordshire. The doors opened at 2.30 and the show started at 3.35pm! It really was a show too, we were seated in one of the rooms at the hotel where a giant screen had been erected.

The video that had been put together was superb-a cinematic experience on the giant screen. The video introduced some of the new products but mainly it was a tribute to Phil “The Power” Taylor who was in the audience along with Barry Hearn and most of the Target sponsored players.

After the video, we went through to the adjacent room where all the new products were on display and the Target Pro-Am Cup was all set up and ready to go. We had a good look at all the new kit and got some pics up on Twitter and Facebook.


There are some great new products. The Carrera range has been boosted with the AZ01, AZ02 and AZ03 sets of darts. The Sport Turbo, Sport Nitro and Sport Charger ranges have also been added. 

They are in the high-end price bracket but look superb. From a performance angle, there are three new points on offer and they all look interesting. The Nano, Onyx and Quartz all deserve some of your attention.


The popular Takoma wallet has had a couple of extra colours added, yellow and green and it has also been super-sized to create an XL version. The bigger wallets can hold 2 sets of fully loaded darts as well as accessories-follow the links to see more.

Target have also come up with some stunning new flight designs. The Sierra Vision, Agora and Carrera Ghost. The Sierra in particular is of interest – the blurb states: SIERRA Vision Ultra features our innovative ULTRA Grip  A bold eye-catching design inspired by the visible electromagnetic spectrum that can be physically seen by the human eye! Yep, that is what it says.

I am aware different things get different people going but mention visible electromagnetic spectrum to me and you will put me in a warm haze like state! I will investigate this further and get back to you as to exactly what this is all about and whether it can help you hurling your bits of tungsten.


At 7pm we all homed in on the bar area and restaurant. A buffet style meal was being served and the drinks were flowing. These events for me are of course great to see what is coming out and what items we can utilise in the DPC Darts Shop but also to catch up with what is going on in the darts industry with all the other people involved that we have got to know over the years.

We have made some good friendships with other retailers and darts businesses and it is always good to hear what they are up to and their opinion of where darts is heading. On a personal note, we had some fantastic feedback from various people about what we are trying to achieve with the coaching etc! I won’t mention any names but it is big boost when some very influential people pat you on the back for doing something different in the darts world.

It is not just darts website owners there either. It was great to bump into Paul Butler, who came out to Frankfurt to support Diogo and Alexandre in the World Cup and also Chris Brown who is a friend and fan of our Level 5 darts designed by The Bear-Neil Birkin.

So, it was a tremendous day and night, many thanks to Target for the invite!

The products we are offering are available for pre-order now and Target estimate that we should be able to send them on Friday 29 September.


Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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