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We are very pleased to announce the first patch sponsor for Diogo Portela!

First Patch Sponsor

Posted: 06.07.17 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

We are very pleased to announce the first patch sponsor for Diogo Portela!

If you ask any of the top dart players in the World did they need some help getting to where they are today the answer would be an emphatic YES!

Whether it is an understanding partner as they spent more time at the oche than at home, some coaching advice or arguably the most important, financial help to keep the dream alive during the troublesome first few years!

With this in mind we would like to thanks Catherine aka Cat from Catdromeda Accounting for jumping on board with Diogo Portela and The Darts Performance Centre as Diogo’s first official patch sponsor!

Catherine is a darts fan and an accountant! She recently set up her own business and has been busy helping semi-pro dart players ensure their financial affairs are as tidy as their doubling out. Cat has also undertaken some work for one of the County Darts Associations too!

But whatever line of work you are in Cat can help - Catdromeda Accounting Limited works with companies and individuals providing clients with advice on their management accounts, bookkeeping, VAT and taxation needs. They also work alongside other accountants in an outsourcing capacity.

So whatever it is you are into take advantage of a very special offer of a FREE consultation with Cat who will advise you on the way forward for your finances!

Both Diogo and the DPC are delighted to have Catdromeda as sponsors and we both look forward to a long and beneficial relationship!


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