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Dex is casting aside his concerns of a foot injury and is playing on.

The Game Is Afoot!

Posted: 07.04.16 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Dex is casting aside his concerns of a foot injury and is playing on.

We have made a lot of darting friends since we started the Darts Performance Centre. A lot of them are exactly the guys (and girls) we had in mind when we started offering our take on darts coaching and how to improve performance. By this I mean players who think deeply about their game, work hard to improve and are open minded to try things.

They are also willing to share any things that work for them or pass on advice. I had a message from one such friend,Dex – Michael Dexter – he told me that his leg was in a cast and wanted to pass on how he was coping with this on the oche to try and encourage other players in the same situation to keep on playing and not give up due to the injury and cast.

Here is what Dex had to say:

As of today, I have to play with a cast on my non-standing foot. Now I don’t know how many folks have had this kind of issue but I want to offer some advice. Yes your stance will change, and you will feel uncomfortable, but as long as your mind-set remains as it always was, it can actually help you focus.

My cast will be on for some 4-6 weeks, and maybe longer. I played with it on without practice, and it really helped me focus. And if you are wondering at what level I play, I am a Division 4 BICC County player.

My stance felt more solid than it had ever before. I slowed my throw, and didn’t require any runner or dart collector. So don’t be afraid if you have any injury to your foot/ankle and have to wear a cast. IGNORE IT.

I practice with my cast on, I know you should always try and replicate as much as possible what you wear and do in a game during practice so the cast stays on. I have had to cut the time I can practice though! I will keep going like this until it's time for my surgery!

Thanks for listening. DEX


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Author: Michael Dexter aka Dex

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