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Day 10 William Hill World Championship

Posted: 28.12.15 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We're back! Rested but still slightly bemused!

Yaaaaawn! We’re back! Yes we are poking our noses above ground again after a small hibernation period. The last matches we were looking at was the night Newton played Reyes. This bizarre night mixed with the onset of man flu and Turkey was way too much for me. On top of this we had Wayne, backed up by Rodders explaining to us that Wes had flaws in his throw. Who knew? Yes Ok we admit, we did, but it is always gratifying to have your opinion reinforced by the ex Pro’s.

Rodders went a step further last night suggesting to Wes he has his technique analysed to see if there is a solution to his ongoing issues that have sent his game into a steep decline. Some people are suggesting it is a “mental” issue. In a way it is I suppose. But we have maintained from day one of being involved in darts that your technique is everything. It is a robust technique that allows you to throw to the full height of your ability even when under pressure. This in turn breeds the confidence that pushes players to greatness.

It is not the other way round. A confident player cannot win solely with the asset of great confidence. His confidence needs to be backed up with a solid technique he can rely on.

We have assisted hundreds of grass roots players sort out technical issues with their throw and it is a most gratifying process. I have known from the day we offered this service that a top player will come knocking one day. One of our biggest assets is we are very patient!

Anyway, going back to ”that day”, Reyes somehow contrived to lose to Wes and scuppered our tip as well. Since then the favourites have roared back. There has been a lot of easy wins for the seeds and the bookies favourites. Barney and Bunty were the exception and they served up a darting treat for us last night.

Monday December 28
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm) 
Alan Norris (4/11) v Joe Murnan (5/2)
Terry Jenkins (E) v Mark Webster (10/11)
David Pallett (9/4) v Mensur Suljovic (2/5)

Evening Session (7.30pm-11.30pm) 
Adrian Lewis (1/6) v Andrew Gilding (27/5)
Peter Wright (1/7) v Ronny Huybrechts (6/1)
Phil Taylor (1/10) v Kevin Painter (8/1)

The Jenkins/Webby game looks like a close one and unless Ronny improves his game against Snakebite looks the opposite.

I’m going for over 5.5 sets in the Terry J/ Mark W game and under 21.5 legs in the Wright match. This pays just over 2/1 


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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