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More seeds fall and we wonder why!

William Hill World Championship Day 5

Posted: 22.12.15 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

More seeds fall and we wonder why!

Another night, more seeds scattered. It was Robert Thornton this time, although even if he had brought his A game I am not sure he would of stopped Chuck anyway. Norris turned in the style of performance BDO fans have come to expect of him on a good day! He banged in 4 180’s and had an average a slither under 100!

The Thorn scuppered our 180 bet by not troubling the chalker in that department although Bully Boy tied 6 all with Jeffrey de Zwann on the 180’s so the tips did not happen at all last night.  It was a fantastic match mind that Smith sneaked through 3:2 in the tie break.

Under New Management

I was watching the pre match pundit chat but I do tend to drift off on occasions. I think though that Eric Bristow has been appointed as James Wade’s manager. I think this is correct. I hope so, they will be a great team!

What’s With The Seeds

Yes the standard is rising, blah blah blah! But is that the sole reason we have lost so many seeds already? The Thorn was injured and he has been ill so there are some reasons there. I think though a lot of it is down to preparation.

I am not sure every player is really sure how to prepare for an event like this. In any other sport any athlete or team getting ready for “The” tournament of the year would have a team behind them getting them mentally and physically ready. Darts is severely lacking in that kind of expertise and until players take their prep more seriously they will continue to throw away thousands in prize money by not being 100% ready.

Here is a blog we did a while ago on getting yourself prepared for a tournament and is relevant no matter what level you are playing.

Tuesday December 22 (7pm-11pm) 
Dean Winstanley (11/13) v Ronny Huybrechts (11/10)
Wes Newton (9/7) v Cristo Reyes (4/5)
Dave Chisnall (1/4) v Rowby-John Rodriguez (21/5)
Terry Jenkins (1/5) v Darin Young (23/5)


We have another interesting night in store with a couple more “where the heck have you been” players in action. Deano and Wez. Aaah Wes/Wez. Newton defied the laws of darts technique for years and was in the Premier League and everything. This period included me getting a right telling off on Twitter by some Newton fan who took offence to my assertion that Wes would not ever win anything due to his suspect action.

This is still not the time for me to say “I told you so” as Newton is back on the big stage. He seems a genuinely nice guy and it is good to see him on TV again!

But, I am going to back Reyes to beat him and Ronny to beat Deano. Huybrechts can be suspect on his doubles but thanks to the World Cup and such like he is the man with the big stage experience compared to Deano in recent times.

The double pays just under 11/4 with Coral 


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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