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We are putting the price of our Performance Darts up, here we explain why!

The Only Way Is Up

Posted: 17.10.15 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

We are putting the price of our Performance Darts up, here we explain why!

We believe there are four key things you need to be successful at darts. The right technique, the correct mind set, the right practice and training and the right kit. We had three of those areas covered when we set up the Darts Performance Centre and our quest to help as many grass roots players as possible to play better darts.

Then Anthony Urmston-Toft came along and produced the “Perfect Dart”; the original Performance Darts. By being able to offer a high quality dart at a very reasonable price we were not only fulfilling all the four areas we believe dart players should focus on, but being able to supply high quality kit at a fair price is also something that is a core part of what we are about at the Darts Performance Centre.

Our range has expanded and our reputation has soared. Originally the darts were sent out in a little black or red wallet. Recently we have had custom packaging designed, there is a more solid ‘pencil case’ box included and we also send out the darts fully loaded, some with flights and stems that have quite an impact on what the darts cost us.

Despite our reputation soaring our prices haven’t! We have absorbed three price rises in the manufacturing process over the past four years, the design and packaging costs, cases and flights and stems have also not had an effect on our retail price.

So it is time for our prices to catch up. The original Performance Darts, High Performance, Elite and Gun metal will all go up in price. It will add around £2 to each set. Our more recent additions such as the Extreme and Golden Guns will not be affected.

We do hope that our darts will still be seen as excellent value for money and more importantly a valuable weapon for the players that use them to help them win darts matches!

The price chance will begin on 1 November 2015

You can view the whole Performance Darts range here!

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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