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It was an alarming day in Hull

To Hull and Back - Day 5 - Dinner With Mr Potter

Posted: 11.10.15 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

It was an alarming day in Hull

Saturday 10 October

Dear Diary

RIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNG! That represents a very loud bell! The fire alarm went off at 4am! Now I am not the heaviest of sleepers and any slight noise does tend to wake me up. This alarm was very loud, it had a voice built into it too, telling me to get myself downstairs! I threw on some jeans and staggered outside, the door slammed behind me and then I remembered I should have taken my room key!

To cut a long story short it was a false alarm. I got another key and went back to my room. I had fled without my key, wallet or anything but I could feel something in my pocket. It was the TV remote control! I had stored that safely in my pocket before escaping the potential raging inferno!

No, I have no idea either!

The day got better… I had been asked by Winmau to cover the WDDA event. That was incredible and inspiring. It’s the finals tomorrow (Sunday) and I urge you all to tune in. It is going to be shown on the BDO YouTube channel. The interest in the event was incredible. I shot a short video of how the board worked and this has been watched by thousands and the feedback has been superb!

It was the usual format for the social media except I was trying to be more covert so David the photographer couldn’t get any more shots of me! That was a FAIL! But I did manage to get one of him! I did grab a front row view for the Larry Butler game, one of the perks of the job!


I bumped into some old friends Jason Cox at the venue and in the Chinese restaurant afterwards. I also met long time DPC member Kenneth from Finland. We decided we are going to try and get Kenneth and Peter Sajwani over for the 2016 New Forest Masters! Something to look forward to.

Yes it was the second Chinese on the bounce but this time we took a very special guest with us. Mr Potter from The Lakeside. It’s surreal doing this job sometimes. After that I went to Peter’s hotel to see him, Kenneth came and joined us and Little Richard made a guest appearance even later and we had a good old chat!

What a night! Finals day tomorrow, good job I had an early one !! 


Thanks for reading and the feedback. The diary was meant as a bit of fun and for some insight on what happens behind the scenes at a tournament and in particular the social media role I undertake. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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