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Yes, still here!

To Hull And Back - Day 4 - The Hull Marathon 2

Posted: 10.10.15 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Yes, still here!

Friday 9 October

Dear Diary

It was another long day but with some great matches. We kicked off with the two youth finals and a few people were kicking off on social media because it wasn’t being shown on UK TV, only via Winmau TV which was broadcasting to outside the UK. Eurosport have the rights to the UK coverage and it didn’t fit into their schedule. It was a shame but that woke me up and got me prepared for the rest of the day.

We then had the marathon. 16 Men’s games, 5 sets, best of 3 legs. The weird thing about doing the social media job is you don’t get to see all the darts. I got into a rhythm yesterday of putting what match it was going on. Before that I grabbed some photos of the game. I went onto the balcony and got some great aerial shots. Bit like David who nailed me again with another bold spot shot of me, yes staring at my mobile.

I then posted the game and the photos on Facebook and Twitter for Winmau and then shared them on the BDO page. There is a wide screen TV showing the action in the press room so I can keep one ear on what is going on.

After that I do a score update half way throughish and then post the result at the end on both accounts and start the process off again. Towards the end yesterday I watched the first two sets after taking the photos then posted the match details. So I saw the start of the Scott Waites game and Scott Mitchell v Larry Butler match. I sneaked a quick Periscope in too, mainly to show what a lovely venue the City Hall is.

We also got a new sponsor yesterday, 888, so they asked for some social media time and it was nice to try and come up with some ways of putting their message across without it sounding too much like an advert! The best advice I ever received about social media was treat it like you are chatting and discussing things with your friends at the pub.

We all follow accounts that churn out corporate speak (yawn yawn) but the best ones are the tweeters and facebookers that have fun, banter and don’t take it too seriously. That is my goal and although the results and updates are quite dry I also try to have some “banter” too.10.20 finish, I put up the schedule for the next day and a few of us went to the Chinese.

Just the 10 hours!

Scott Mitchell and his family were in there. I mentioned in my preview that Scotty has told me his gardening business and exhibitions had curtailed his practice time and I advised a watching brief from a betting point of view.  Scotty seemed to have taken his defeat with good heart. He has managed to secure a few days commentary with Eurosport so his lawnmower will be redundant for next week, he’s having some gardening leave!

The Chinese by the way was the one I was in on the Saturday last year. Martin Phillips came in for a take away after he had been at the bingo! He then went on to win the Masters the following day. So, a winning routine for anyone who gets through tomorrow to follow!

Tomorrow starts “early” for me. The WDDA event is on at 10.00am and I will be posting about that. Then Deta Hedman kicks things off on the main stage at 1pm.

See you tomorrow with a very alarming start to the morning! 


Thanks for reading and the feedback. The diary was meant as a bit of fun and for some insight on what happens behind the scenes at a tournament and in particular the social media role I undertake. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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