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To Hull And Back - Day 2 - The Hull Marathon

Posted: 08.10.15 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

I'm still in Hull!

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Dear Diary

It was a long day. Pretty much 12 hours in total. We started at 10 with the Youth and Ladies comp and the Men’s started in the afternoon. It was virtually impossible to follow the Youth comp due to the amount of “fans” they young dart players bring with them. Mainly parents of course and it is great to see the support. You just can’t get near the place to get any scores J

I bumped into Richard Perry and wished him a Happy Birthday and Dan did brilliantly to get to the Last 16 in the Youth.

On my travels around the City Hall over the past couple of days I finally met up with Robyn Byrne, one of our sponsored players. She was given a set of our original Performance Darts a couple of years ago and has used them ever since. We have now got a more formal agreement and are Robyn’s official darts sponsor. Things didn’t work out for her yesterday, but she is a cracking player and we are proud Robyn throws our darts!

Some other old friends were about too. Charis from Global Darts in Germany arrived too. I first met Charis when Anthony Urmston-Toft was playing the PDC circuit, maybe 6 years ago now. Charis was really interested in the sports science angle and has been a friend ever since. The Darts World is great for forming these friendships and acquaintances.

Peter Sajwani was also checking out the venue yesterday. He has already qualified for Lakeside but is playing in the Winmau Masters. Charis had asked if she could do an interview with Peter and we set it up for 9pm. I didn’t arrive until about 10.30 due to the late finish but Peter was still talking! He’s not nicknamed The Chatterbox for nothing!

It was nice for things to go in a circle from AJ, who is of course a DPC player again to Peter with Charis still supporting us with her interviews and enthusiasm for what we are trying to do at the DPC.

Anyway it was a long day but a fun day. It helps working with all the people involved at the BDO and especially like David, our photographer, you have to keep an eye on him, his lens gets everywhere! As The Pup and I found out.

Thought Of The Day-This is the only job where you are encouraged to stare at your mobile all day-Love it!

I will wave goodbye now (and so will my friends), back tomorrow which will include me swapping my BDO hat for a Winmau one and an interview with a legend-clue, he has qualified for the Grand Slam.


Thanks for reading and the feedback. The diary was meant as a bit of fun and for some insight on what happens behind the scenes at a tournament and in particular the social media role I undertake. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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