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The Grand Prix and Winmau Masters are on the horizon!

Grand Prix Preview

Posted: 30.09.15 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

The Grand Prix and Winmau Masters are on the horizon!

October is looming and the darts world starts stirring. The summer lull is over (despite more and more summer leagues for our grass-roots clients to take part in and an active BDO and PDC summer) and this is the time of the year that the season really gets going.

Two of my favourite tournaments get October off to a flying start-The World Grand Prix – Double in, Double out tournament and of course The Winmau World Masters. It is a shame these two events clash. I have the 'dream job' for a week helping out behind the scenes at The Masters so don’t get the chance to get over to Dublin for the Grand Prix. It is on the 'to do' list though.

We will start with the World Grand Prix and we will do a separate blog for The Masters. Our coverage of the WGP has been amazing for the past few years! Nothing to do with me I hasten to add. We have had Aidan “Throw Like A Pro” Farrelly on site. He has carried out some brilliant interviews over the past few years. You can catch up on them here.

2014      2013       2012

I’m not sure if Aidan will be there this year, he has just had a new addition to his family so watch this space!

The First Round

Sunday October 4 (7pm-12am)
First Round
William O'Connor 11/10 v Jamie Lewis Evens
Mark Webster 21/10 v Stephen Bunting 4/9
Kim Huybrechts 4/7 v Benito van de Pas 13/10
Michael Smith 4/9 v Gerwyn Price 9/4
Peter Wright 11/10 v Dave Chisnall 10/11
Michael van Gerwen 1/5 v Keegan Brown 28/5
Adrian Lewis 4/5 v Raymond van Barneveld 9/7
JelleKlaasen8/11 v Brendan Dolan 13/10

Monday October 5 (7pm-12am)
First Round
Andrew Gilding 5/4 v Simon Whitlock 5/6
Justin Pipe 7/10 v Steve Beaton 22/15
Mervyn King 6/5 v Terry Jenkins 10/11
James Wade 1/3 v MensurSuljovic 31/10
Ian White 8/13 v Jamie Caven 6/4
Phil Taylor 1/6 v Vincent van der Voort 5/1
Gary Anderson 2/9 v John Henderson 4/1
Robert Thornton 7/15 v Daryl Gurney 2/1

The Tactics

This is the 5th year our blog has covered the event. We have discussed the strategy and tactics for Double in and Double out over these years. We have preached for players to have a coherent plan for getting off the mark in the game. The first task is to select the double of choice. The second part of the plan is having a set number of failed attempts before moving on to try something else.

There is never a time to be timid on the oche, so certainly not when you need a double just to get the score board moving! You can look back on some of our other advice here.

The Games

William O’Connor and Jamie Lewis must think Christmas has come early! They are both fine players but both would have chosen to play each other if they had been given the choice. When you look at ties such as Lewis v Barney, Merv v The Bull and Wright v Chizzy, you will understand the point I am making.

The Odds

It is more of a question of who to avoid than who to back. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would back Klassen at 8/11 v Brendan Dolan. Yes Klassen won a floor tournament recently but his technique is suspect (in my opinion) and does suffer double trouble. Talking of which, The World Champion has been known to be notoriously flaky on the doubles, if your memory is shorter than mine then be my guest to have a pound on him!

If I was pushed into selecting three winners, who are not very short favourites I would have, Jamie Lewis, Bunty and Dolan!


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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