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Soft Tip player  Richard Plowman offered to test drive our new soft tip darts!

Extreme Performance Soft Tip Review

Posted: 25.09.15 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Soft Tip player Richard Plowman offered to test drive our new soft tip darts!

Following a tweet from the guy’s at Darts Performance Centre regarding their new range of extreme darts, I offered my services to review their 20g soft tip barrels. Having exchanged messages with Paul, he sent through a set of them to my home.

Upon receiving them I found that the grip is very good, and there is a slight contour at the back of the barrel. The way I grip them means my thumb is locked as it were into the contour, enabling a consistent grip. The darts as sent is well balanced, and the choice of stem and flight sits well in the hand.

The barrels are very different to what I normally play with and the stems and flights are also different. The good thing with soft tip darts is that you can change points without the hassle of removing stems and trying to get the points all the same size as you do with steel darts. I used the set up received and then varied it with a combination of differing points, stems and flights. I settled with my set up on the Extreme barrels for a more familiar feel.

Having played on both a soft tip board and a regular dart board, I can say the points which come with the barrel are ok, and they do stand up to being used on a ‘normal’ board quite well. However I found that they bent quite easily when used on a soft tip board, following a bounceout.

The choice of flights is quite important as it determines how much of the target you can see when playing. The pear shape are good as they are less obtrusive as standard flights. Personally I use kite shapes in both my steel and soft darts, and I found that I was more comfortable using my set up.

Having played for a while with the received set up, I tinkered a bit and swapped flights, points and then stems. This picture is the preferred set up for myself.

The dart flies well from the hand, the weight is well balanced and the grip is very nice, with just enough bite to stop slips. I can fully recommend these darts to anyone wanting to play soft tip darts as they are just as good with the original set up and they can be altered to the throwers preferred arrangement.

I will be using these in an exhibition match against Paul Lim and shall forward photo’s and a review of the darts once used in a competitive match.

Very nice darts. 

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Author: Richard Plowman

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