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Do you want to learn how to count? The Darts Performance centre can help!

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Posted: 28.09.15 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Do you want to learn how to count? The Darts Performance centre can help!

Welcome to our Outshots blog. We have been tweeting a different outshot combinaton on our Outshots Twitter account - follow here and our Outshots Facebook page - Like us here!

We are now  counting down from 309 to 41 for you! One outshot a day on Twitter and more detail (if needed ) will be added here!

Please do get in touch, via Twitter or Facebook if you agree with our route, disagree or have a much better one!

Our Outshots page is inspired by the Outshots Cards we sell in our shop!

3 Darts in Hand:

Left 1st left 2nd Left 3rd Left
309 57 252 57 195 50 145
or 19 290 60 230 60 170


You need to start this from 19’s if your opponent can finish in the next 6 darts but it is not a bad habit to go with the first dart all the time from 19’s here. 

Why 19’s with the first? Because single with the first dart can get you on finish. If you hit 57 with the first, you can change to 20’s.

As long as you don’t forget to go for the bull with the last dart – even 25 leaves you on finish (309 – 114 = 195 and 195 – 25  = 170 or - bull = 145).

Left 1st Left 2nd Left 3rd Left
308 54 254 60 194 60 134


Ugly, like 305. With the first dart aimed to 18, even a single hit can get you on finish.

307 Straight forward 180.

Left 1st Left 2nd Left 3rd Left
306 57 249 57 192 50 142
or 19 287 57 230 60 170


Same reasons as in 309. However, if you hit the treble with the first dart you cannot go for 60.

If you do and hit single 20 you are on 229 with one dart in hand and you cannot get onto a finish. 

Only switch to 60 if you miss the treble 19 with your first dart.

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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