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Here are our thoughts on the new darts related quiz show!

One Hundred and Eighty

Posted: 16.09.15 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Here are our thoughts on the new darts related quiz show!

A new gameshow about darts, what’s not to love about that?

Overall it was fun, amusing, bizarre at times and had a triumphant winner at the end, just like a game of darts really.

Davina “Big Bruv” McCall hosted the show who revealed on Twitter her walk on music would be It takes two" Rob Base and DJ ez Rock. It also takes two to host a darts show and Davina was backed up by Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff. Freddie is a national hero of course so we will tread carefully here-thank goodness his cricket skills outweighed his commentary skills by a factor of 1000.

A lot of darts fans still cringe when they think about the time he was let loose with the King of darts commentators, Sid Waddell. Freddie was backed up in the commentary box by Sky’s Rod Studd. This was the part of the show that needs the most work. Rod usually takes the lead in the commentary box and can handle most things, even an over exuberant Wayne Mardle.

He didn’t seem to know what his role was, perhaps he was overshadowed by Flintoff or maybe the director hasn’t put enough effort into defining their roles? On the other side of the hill though it was the first show, banter and relationships in the commentary box need time to develop so let’s see how this aspect pans out.

The Power and Jackpot were the two pro’s helping the contestants to win some cash. Taylor and Lewis were both brilliant, utilising their well-honed double act to comic effect. Phil seemed genuinely thrilled for the winner, Wayne Hitchings, who won £13,500 and demonstrated some great darts skills, under pressure. Russ Bray was also involved, he had been instructed to shout out numbers using a gravelly voice, he did it well!

There was a not too taxing quiz element to it but the main attraction was the range of darts games (setting aside the 501 matches) which were innovative and did genuinely test the skills of the players. One of the boards did bear a striking resemblance to a dot trainer but Rod (the other contestant) demonstrated amazing precision by hitting a line of small circles without it seems even pausing to aim, great skills!.

The Dot Trainer - Inspiration for their Stop The Clock Game Maybe?

What else are we looking forward to? Well tonight one of our sponsored players Diogo Portela is one of the contestants so tune in for that. Contestants wise, I assume there will be some ladies involved, as contestants if not as players due to the PDC element of the show.

You will see DPC sponsored player Diogo in action on Sky 1 tonight!

On Twitter overall the show got a thumbs up although there was not a huge amount of feedback. Marks out of two hundred for the first show – hmmm One Hundred and Eightttty!


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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