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Barry was one of our testers for the Extreme Performance darts, here are his thoughts!

Extreme Darts Review

Posted: 11.09.15 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Barry was one of our testers for the Extreme Performance darts, here are his thoughts!

Great night last night, thanks very much for letting me try out the darts and be involved with the launch, it was a true pleasure :)

I thought I'd share a few thoughts on my initial experience with the darts. I will attempt to do a proper review / write up on these in due course and compare them with the Gun Metal version. Fingers crossed I will get time this weekend.

As you know I have been using the Gun Metal DPC darts pretty much since they came out and been using your DPC darts in general for the last 3 to 4 years (can't really remember exactly) so I am a fan of your darts. 

The one thing that bugged me about the darts though was how quickly the micro grip wears.  This is not a specific problem with the DPC darts, but a problem with micro grip in general because of its fine nature.  This is also an issue for me and other front grippers as that is the section that I find, with my throw that takes the brunt of the impact when colliding with other darts. 

If you grip in the scallop or towards the back of the dart, the grip is as good as the day they were bought! A bit frustrating for me as I was having to buy a new set every 4 months (although it did in a strange way quench my need for buying darts and provided you with some sales lol).  I do really really like the feel of the micro grip and the control it allows for the grip that I use - what a dilemma!

One thing I have been wanting to try with the DPC darts is a different grip at the front and I have been looking around at other darts with a similar-ish profile, just with a different grip where I hold it.  Tried a few, but never really settled with any properly.

So, onto the new darts! When I opened them and I was immediately delighted! Pretty much what I had been wanting :) The new grip section at the front is still a medium grip for me, I would say about the same overall grip level as the micro grip, but feels a bit different. With the shallow cuts it has a bit more bite than a traditional ring grip without being overly obtrusive. I had a quick throw with them last Thursday, but didn't spend too much time as I had wanted to do my normal practice routine for league on the Friday. 

I was able to spend a lot more time with them this week and have really got to grips with them - missed the bull for a 10-dart leg which would have been my best ever.  The new front section grip fits my grip perfectly and it should last a bit longer than the micro grip and in turn instil confidence in me that the grip and dart isn't going to slip in my fingers when throwing. The darts have the usual perfect balance and straight flight I have become accustomed to with the DPC darts.

Drum roll please...
I am going to use them in league tonight as a replacement for my Gun Metals - a big step for me!

All-in-all I am well happy with these and am really looking forward to putting in many hours practice with these to see what I can achieve and how well the dart holds up over time :) 

Get your set here!

Author: Barry Gribben

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