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Here are all the details of our new Extreme Performance darts!

Extreme Performance Darts

Posted: 13.09.15 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Here are all the details of our new Extreme Performance darts!


Our latest Performance Darts – The Extreme! These darts have been designed by AJ Urmston-Toft, the man behind the original Performance Darts. The amazing grip of the Performance Darts lived up to our boast of trying to produce the Perfect Dart. The originals have spawned other darts in our range too, Elite, High Performance and the Gun Metal and Golden Guns.

So what is different and what is the same with The Extreme?


They are the same length as the majority of our range – 51mm. AJ has used the scallop he discovered he liked from throwing the Gun Metal darts, it is just a bit more subtle and slightly further back in the barrel than the Gun Metal. On the 23g the barrel extends to around 6.7mm and narrows to 5.9mm. The widest part of the barrel on the 25g is 7.1mm, narrowing to around 6.22 mm.

The main part of the barrel is made up of rings and our trademark micro-grip.

On the nose AJ has added a new deeper cut grip to ensure maximum thrust but still retaining complete control for closer grouping.


A 3 ring grip point is also fitted as standard!

The darts come fully loaded with AJ designed pear flights and red intermediate stems.

The perfect dart has come of age!

Available in 23g and 25g from The Darts Performance Centre shop!

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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