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Are these the top 10 players ever?

The Best Dart Players in the World

Posted: 03.07.13 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Are these the top 10 players ever?

The world of darts is more mysterious than people usually think, and it isn't a sport which is just confined to the pub or online sports gambling. Dart players have been hailed as legitimate sports personalities, and at times have even made the great sportsman accolade. It is not an easy sport to play, by any stretch of the imagination, and it can take great hand-to-eye coordination and mental dexterity to be able to play and be successful in the sport.

An amount of concentration often compared to sports like golf or bowling is required, though the whole process is rather less instinctive than those two sports, and a lot more calculated in terms of final outcome. The aim of the game is to reduce a fixed score, which usually starts at 501, by gradually hitting the numbers on the board; skilled players manage to reduce it quickly by hitting a lot of treble 20s, though some amount of calculation and math skills is required to play.

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In this article we will look at the 10 best players in the game of darts, players who have been widely recognized as the kings of the sport, as legitimate sporting legends to be remembered in years to come. If you like betting, feel free to browse online gambling sites, some of which offer free online gambling games. Bodog sports betting is highly recommended though, for all your darts betting and sporting needs.

Let's have a look at 10 of the best darts players in the world.

Phil Taylor - An absolute legend of the sport, and someone who has won every single title there is to be won in the sport. The distinctive figure of Phil Taylor is iconic to many dart fans, and even to those who don't follow the sport; he has acquired great popularity outside of the sport and is known as a true sporting legend. Taylor was crowned World champion 13 times.

Eric Bristow - There are other candidates for the best player at number 2, but Bristow definitely deserves to be in that spot. The 5-time champion is rightly deserving of the quickest winning dart player, having won titles in a short span of time. Another big winner and deserving of the number 2 spot.

Raymon van Barneveld - Barneveld has won the world championship across 2 distinct codes, and he has managed to do this a total of five times. Perhaps one of the few players who is well known despite not being from Britain.

John Lowe - Something of an ambassador of the game of darts, though he has won little in comparison to the other dart players listed here. Lowe is known has won 3 world titles in total, though the fact that he has managed this in 3 different countries definitely makes him a legend.

Dennis Priestley - He beat Taylor once in a final, and he has won that title with grace and panache.

Bob Anderson - Anderson is still competing at the time of writing this article, and he has only won the world championship once in his lifetime. I have decided to include him in this list since he has also won many tournaments hosted on TV and he is also the only player to win 3 world masters in a row.

John Thomas - He won the world champion twice, and is still avidly followed by many veteran and young fans of the sport. The Bodog sportsbook online betting certainly holds him in high regard.

John Part - Winner of World title and the first player who is not from the UK to be able to achieve this honor. Part also managed to beat Taylor in a final, something that can truly be considered as an impressive feat.

Leighton Rees - He was the very first man to win a World Championship and a massive star worldwide; those who follow the sport outside of Britain are not afraid to pick Rees as their favorite player.

Martin Adams - Decided to include him last in our list, though this is always debatable (and no doubt a lot of fans will not be afraid to argue this choice). A massive TV star for darts, since he has won numerous tournaments hosted on TV. Has also been a captain for the England's darts team which has somewhat kept him visible.

So here you have ten of the very best. Remember to have fun and not take online sports gambling too seriously.



Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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