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Aidan reflects on his leg with Priestley and we have a find a nickname competition!

I bullied the Menace!

Posted: 18.02.13 in Throw Like A Pro Blog category

Aidan reflects on his leg with Priestley and we have a find a nickname competition!

What a night!

Whilst I was originally meant to take to the oche against Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, a 701 leg with two times World Champion Denis ‘The Menace’ Priestley awaited me on Sunday 17th February. I arrived at the venue nervous and excited, unsure what to expect. Having won a competition for two VIP passes, my wife and I entered the room brimming with men, women and children all enthused with the chance to meet two sporting legends. Without fail, both arrived in to greet their fans, took the time for a photo with everyone before heading off to prepare themselves for the exhibition.

We take our seats near the front. Behind me sit 200 fans, all ready to watch darts of a standard we have come to take for granted in this day and age. With ease, Taylor gets the show on the road with 12, 13 and 14 dart legs. No problem whatsoever. For us darts fans, we know that this is quite sickening. He just makes it look way too frigging easy. Out of nowhere, Taylor has dispatched all of his opponents bar a classy young man who couldn’t have been more than 11 years of age, who sucker punched ‘The Power’ with Double 16.

Now it’s time for Priestley to take to the oche, and cue the shakes. Before this, I am sitting in my seat quite comfortably. The beads of sweat begin to form quite disgustingly in the arm pit area. Stupid nerves. As you all know, I don’t drink and throw. Not that I am against it per se, but it’s not for me. I want to be able to conquer the nerves without it, so from the get go on this crazy journey, I have managed to play all darts sober.

‘Next to the oche, please welcome Aidan Farrelly...’ The crowd go wild!

No, actually, they didn’t. In fact, bar the odd courteous clap, I was all but ignored. I gingerly walked to the stage, all Fonze like. I introduced myself to Priestley, before proceeding to the oche. Following six warm up darts, the MC said those dreaded words: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Aidan to throw first....

*GAME ON*!!!!!’

For once, I did my best not to let the occasion get to me. I was throwing very well at home during the afternoon, and I just said to myself; “Trust your darts”. The leg began with 45, 60 then 81. I was ahead after nine darts. I was settling in to the occasion. With Priestley hitting a 100, I was determined to have a good answer. I placed my foot to the oche, took aim, and lodged the first dart in the left corner of the treble 20. Within a millisecond, the second one was wrapped around it. I would like to say I composed myself before attempting the third. But I didn’t. I simply continued with the same routine and threw the dart with confidence.

“One Hundred and Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighty!” My first reaction was to shout at the MC not to be lying to me! But there it was, all three darts nestled in the lipstick. This time, and the crowd did go wild. And I went wild. I threw my arms up to the air, thrilled with my feat. I walk back from the board, having collected my darts. And Priestly sticks out his hand, and fist pumps me! I get a fist pump!

Then, I truly smile. In true professional style, Priestley checked out a nice 97 to end any hopes of me winning. But I had already won. It is certainly my greatest darting achievement to date, taking into account my opponent, the stage, the crowd of 200+ people! Nights like this are rare. But what it gives me is confidence. Belief to bring back to my league darts this week.  

A night I will never forget! 

Nickname Competition

There are many many things you need to make it in darts. A sound technique, nerve, the ability to think under pressure and of course a nickname! You can’t be a top dart player without a nickname.

A dart player’s nickname is their trade mark, it can give you a clue as to their prowess on the board; “The Power “or “The Force” for example. It can give clues as to their psychological state during a match, “The Iceman”. It can give a clue to the player’s "other profession", “The Muffin Man” and “The Undertaker”.

They can be witty "Frosty The Throw Man" or give a clue as to where the player is from The Wizard Of Oz and The Crafty Cockney. You can be patriotic “The Highlander”, “The Bulldog” or ironic- Jarkko Komula is “Smiley”, you have guessed haven’t you, he never smiles!

Our regular blogger Aidan-who writes the Throw Like A Pro blog has been living up to the title of his blog. He coolly popped in a 180 against Dennis “The Menace” Priestley as you have just read. Aidan is working hard on all the attributes mentioned earlier but has not got a nickname!

The time has come to put that right!

We are running a nickname completion to find Aidan a moniker that he will adopt on his journey to become a pro! As he has been knocking 180’s in against elite dart players we have a set of our new Elite Performance Darts and case up for grabs for the best nickname.


Aidan will choose his favourite and whoever suggested it gets the prize!

Email Address:
What do you think Aidan's nickname should be?


Get your own free form like this one.

Author: Aidan Farrelly and Paul Gillings ( throwlikeaprodarts@gmail.com )

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