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The final week of the Premier League is here and we have had our fill of stats-we turn our attention to booing this week!

Booo,"I haven't got a ticket" but Wade has!

Posted: 14.05.12 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

The final week of the Premier League is here and we have had our fill of stats-we turn our attention to booing this week!


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There is nothing worse than a barrage of noise spoiling the game you love! It is made even worse when you realise it is only a small group who are behind the appalling and shocking racket that has blighted darts recently. Anyway, that's enough about the new charity record by Chas and the PDC boys; we have the boo boys from last week to discuss, then later in the week the Premier League final and the Youth final to look forward to!

I did some ‘booing research’ after “The Machine” was booed by a small minority of darts fans in Newcastle last week. The booing caused quite a stir amongst some darts fans and James started the chorus of disapproval by questioning the rights of the boo boys to side with Barney. Raymond is of course from Holland as opposed to Wade who is an English player. During my research I found some good jokes and some interesting advice.

In most sports booing is an accepted part of the game. Football fans for example love to hate certain players, Robbie Savage and of course Joey Barton spring to mind in recent times. The loveable rogue Joey is of course in a league of his own when it comes to booing. Like The Machine he does get booed by his own countrymen but Joey gets fans of the team he plays for joining in too! So a blessing for James to reflect on there!

Derek McGovern from The Mirror hilariously reported that Barton was booed by his own fans after one particularly shabby performance.  McGovern added, ’“The QPR fans who booed Joey Barton in midweek claim he spends too much time on Twitter - the other QPR fans claim he spends too much time at QPR. The social networking tool is often described as the biggest waste of time known to mankind. And so is Twitter”.

Boom- two cracking jokes for the price of one, thanks Derek!

Steve Rushin from Sports Illustrated makes some fine points and he is funny too. He points out that booing only gets to those who let it. He gives an example from a guy called Reggie Jackson, a very successful baseball coach. "When we go into a park on the road, people start booing me. You don't know how good that makes me feel. To me it means the fans recognise who I am and what I mean to my ballclub. Fans don't boo nobodies."  Do you hear that James?

Gary Bettman, is an unpopular executive at the top of American ice hockey.  According to Rushin, Bettman’s life is one big haunted house. There's booing around every corner. Bettman is booed so frequently, and so unambiguously, that he has a kind of BooTube channel devoted to him.

In Ottawa, and this is definitely what Wade should have done, he told the hostile crowd, "I love your passion!" More often, he simply soldiers on with his prepared remarks, microphone in hand, as if addressing an adoring throng.

Some good advice there!

Do darts fans really want to watch darts in silence? Do darts fans really want to take away a basic right of any fan to demonstrate both their positive and negative feelings towards the players? A right audiences have been using since the 6th century in Ancient Rome.  One blogger pointed out that golf can sometimes appear sterile and dull on TV-the reason for this is it does not have the noise and passion from the fans other sports thrive on, even if they are sometimes boos!

PS-The song can be downloaded here and is for a great cause! 



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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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