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We dodge the "what if" scenarios and give you some statistics and then a few more!

Perm any three from how many?

Posted: 02.05.12 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We dodge the "what if" scenarios and give you some statistics and then a few more!


Darts – It's A Numbers Game !

Last week we brought you the “Reality Check”. This was the statistic we had extracted from all the Premier League matches so far that unless you can regularly hit 15 and 18 darters then don’t even think about making it in the PDC, not against the “big boys” anyway!

The blog was by no means promoting the idea that joining the PDC is just a fantasy and players should stop trying. Our way of looking at it is that aspiring PDC players can use the statistic as a bench-mark for where they need to be and to work out what they need to do to improve their game sufficiently before they contemplate signing on the PDC dotted line.

In the next few days we are launching an 8 week planned practice schedule to help all our Darts Performance Centre members. We are also asking them to forget the way they have been practising and try out some new ideas we have. If you would like to join us in the first ever darts practice experiment you can join the site for a year for £25.

Back to the stats

My blogging peers have all gone perm crazy today! As we approach the last couple of weeks they have been speculating on who will make the final four. The possible permutations seem endless, it is complicated! We are going to swerve round that particular aspect and give a nod to our favourite Sky/Sporting Life blog-The Number’s Game with our Premier League version:

We’ve got Legs – So far there have been 594 legs of darts played out.

One Hundred and eighteeey – 312 of the maximums so far

Higher or Lower?  Jackpot has the most - 46 180`s and The Flying Scotsman the fewest, just 26

The Rodders Stat- Rod Harrington correctly points out, it is the systematic hitting of the 140 that players need rather than the “occasional” maximum! There have been 875 140`s so far! Barney has hit 124 and The Power 123. The Hammer has hit the fewest- 85 for Andy Hamilton.

OutShots- Jackpot’s 170 is top of the pile!

Ton plus finish-another potential benchmark for all aspiring pro’s but maybe not as many hit as you may think?

72 ton plus finishes from 594 legs!

The “They are Human” Stat – 293 finishes so far were from 40 down!  And the

“Madhouse” Stat- Two double one finishes so far, one for The Machine and one for The Hammer.




The Darts Performance Centre is a resource to assist dart players of all standards play better darts. We are also committed to researching all aspects of darts to provide players with information and solutions that most other sports take for granted. Please support us by joining today.Membership is £25.00 per annum. 

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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