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Phil Taylor set a Premier League 3 dart average of 117.35, how did he do it and can he beat it? We investigate!

Record breaker, record maker!

Posted: 15.03.12 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Phil Taylor set a Premier League 3 dart average of 117.35, how did he do it and can he beat it? We investigate!


The night of 2 March 2012 was genuinely a landmark date in the history of the Premier League. Sky Sports are frequently guilty of exaggeration when it comes to the darting exploits they serve up. The standard of darts at the moment is of high quality we do agree.  It seems each week though we are asked to believe we have witnessed the greatest this and the greatest that in the whole history of darts!

But on the 2 March 2012 The Power hit a new record 3 dart average for the Premier League of 117.35. Fact!

We did not want this landmark to pass by without any further investigation. We wanted to look at how Taylor did it and consider, can he beat it? The following Thursday Dave and Wayne were reflecting on the incredible achievment by Phil Taylor of hitting the 117.35 average. "Could he get to a 120 average" Dave enquired?

Wayne pointed out that he was only 3 points away from doing this (and at the same time demonstrating the value of pundits, who for a modest fee, pass on their wisdom to us darts fans). Mardle also intimated that it was the fault of the doubles that prevented Taylor from hitting the 120 average this time. This is due to the fact that the fewer points needed to close out a leg also decreases the scoring average. 

Let's take a closer look at Taylor's scoring and see if it really was the eight doubles he hit to win the match that cost him an even higher average!

First of all a few facts about the 3 dart average. It is simply a guide to how many darts it takes to win a leg. For example:

Number of Darts 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Points Scored 501 501 501 501 501 501 501
3 Dart Average 167 150.3 136.64 125.25 115.61 107.36 100.2

The main aspect about the 3 dart average we don't like is when a player's average is recorded during a losing leg. This corrupts the "pure" average demonstrated above. In fact the Taylor record average is a great example of this and may also hold the key to him (or another player) breaking it!

First of all let's have a look at the legs Taylor won and see the evidence for ourselves:

Taylor`s Winning legs:

Legs 1 2 4 6 8 10 11 12
With/Against Throw A W W W W W A W
Points 501 501 501 501 501 501 501 501
Darts 15 12 15 14 11 10 11 11
Average 100.2 125.25 100.2 107.36 136.64 150.3 136.64 136.64

The legs Taylor won and of course hitting the doubles, his "pure" 3 dart average was actually 121.45! Sorry Wayne, you need a new theory! He hit 501, 8 times, total of 4008 points. Divide this by the 99 darts he threw gives you the amazing stat that he took on average just 12.375 darts per leg he won and the 121.45, 3 dart average.

Let's have a look at the four legs he lost to see the impact they had on his average.

Taylor`s Losing Legs

Leg 3 5 7 9
With/Against A A A A
Points 461 444 427 293
Darts 12 12 12 9
Average 115.24 111 106.75 97.66

The legs Taylor lost he scored 1625 points and threw 45 darts. His scoring average in losing legs was 108.33. This is the reason his average dropped from 121.45 on his winning legs to his eventual record breaking score of 117.35

Can the Record be Beaten?

First of all can Taylor win 8 legs in 12 darts or fewer? If he does and wins 8:0 he smashes his existing record and sets a minimum of 125.25 as the new 3 dart average record. 8 legs of 12 darts mind, is he capable of doing it? Of course he is, but will he?

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Ironically his best chance of beating it and a great advert for why the 3 dart average needs overhauling lays with his opponent. If his opponent can win some legs also in 12 darts or fewer and Taylor can score to his potential he can "corrupt" his score in a positive way. For example if Taylor smashes in a 180, 140 and a 100 against the throw but his opponent goes out in 12 darts Taylor adds a tasty 140 to his 3 dart average for that particular leg. A few legs like that would also allow The Power a couple of 15 dart legs and still beat the record.

In Conclusion

We take our hat off to The Power for hititng 117.35 despite  our reservations about the 3 dart average. In particualar because the legs he won he actually surpassed the record average. Can he beat it? Yes he can. Winning 8:0 in 12 darts is possibly too much against the quality of opposition in The Premier League. His best chance is a little help from his opponent, if they hit a few 12 darters giving The Power the opportunity to boost his average during losing legs then it can be done.



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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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