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Here are all the articles and videos  on our Performance Darts designed by AJ!

Performance Darts

Posted: 22.02.12 in Anthony Urmston-Toft Blog category

Here are all the articles and videos on our Performance Darts designed by AJ!


Here is our latest promotional video for our Performance Darts!


We have had some promotional photos taken of the Performance Darts! We also have a new range - The High Performance Darts! ad the Elite Performance range. They both have extended micro-grip up the barrel and are all currently available from our on-line shop and Ebay store.

The Original Performance Darts!


The High Performance Darts


The Elite Performance Darts


The Original Performance Darts - Reviews and Feedback

Neil Birkin from Double 16 darts forum has build a reputation for insightful video reports on darts and related products. We sent Neil a set of our Performance Darts click here for his report:

The darts are available in 19g, 23g and 25g! They are avaialble from our shop.

The darts come with three red standard size flights and three balck medium stems. The price is £18.99 and a £1 for postage in the UK-£1.50 for Europe and further afield. 

or EBay


The Feedback:

Some intersting Analysis from James

The barrel design is kind of like a hybrid of 3 top players...John Lowe, Paul Lim & Phil Nixon. 

What I mean is - the micro grooving of Phil Nixon, the tapered barrel of Paul Lim and the centre balance of John Lowe.

I just think it is a fantastic combination for a dart barrel as you have perfect balance/terrific grip/also the tapering is perfect for grouping...Top stuff.

The Best Complaint We Have Ever Had

David emailed from Spain to “complain” about his new Performance Darts! Why? Because his other dart club members want to kick him out because he hasn’t stopped winning since he has got them:

Here is his story:

You get lots of emails from good players saying how good the Performance Darts are but here is one from a mug! I came back to Spain on 5 May with new darts so in less than three weeks how are they doing?

Well the club want me banned!!!! I have won the last two weeks of killer high and low, I never lost a life, amazing!! My 501, I am averaging 100 and I am still struggling on the doubles, but practising!!

The members say it is not fair me using £100 darts (DPC comment-don't panic they are as good as £100 darts but only £18.99) and I should join another team and they will ban me because I win every time (I think they are joking!)


The new 25g Range!


So what`s the difference from one of the worst players to this ? I practice a bit on my dartboard on terrace but it is not good being in the sun all day so practice is limited. The darts feel great and I have changed my grip and I have been reading all the blogs and anything that can help me.

I said when I bought then I didn’t expect wonders BUT the bar has been raised. I am now looking for a team to join but my biggest challenge is to persuade the wife to let me bring dartboard inside!

I am now getting 2 out of 3 darts to go somewhere close to where I want them.

What a turn-round, love them, keep up the good work.


Convinced ? Buy your Performance Darts here!


You can get them from our EBay shop too 


Some More Feedback!

  • Darts arrived as promised. Played for a hour and hit 2 x 140's . Great darts
  • I would just like to say what an amazing service you run and how extremley pleased i am with my purchase. Delivery time and quality are top notch.  I have these darts already and have had for a while but wanted some new ones. These are slightly shorter(3mm) than mine but nothing a longer stem wont fix. Many thanks again and will purchase from you again soon, all the best Andy.
  • Good night tonight Won an In house knockout tournament hit a 174 171 180 all at crucial times in legs, took out 81 on the bull and a 78 finish and not really had time to practice this week, :-) love my DPC Performance Darts!! 

We will have to censor our latest feedback from Tommy

  • "A f****** fantastic set of arrows, I'm using pear flights and they fly lovely!
  • Been a busy few days for me on the darts front. Won an in house tournie in the pub Thursday. Then last night i was bidding to win my third Grand Prix event in 3 months, but lost in the final to my mate, who was playing with his new DPC darts that he only got Saturday...should have kept them secret lol. 
  • So Sunday my mate beats me in the final of a darts comp playing with his new DPC darts. Last night another team mate tried his new DPC darts for the first time and was man of the match. There's something about 'em! 
  • Absolute quality darts, very nice contact... thanks a lot"
  • Great fast service.Darts are great to hold and fly nice & straight to the board!
  • Superb set of darts,the feel and grip are perfect!
  • Martyn has ditched his Phil Taylor darts in favour of our "Performance Darts", praise indeed!
  • Pure brilliance, the dogs b******s set of darts. AAAA
  • Got darts this morning great service thank you, I have been playing darts for 6 weeks so do not expect wonders, my son on his second throw got a 140, he says they are good darts!
  • Totally great dart, fly straight, love it!

This is an article from Darts World about the darts!

Performance Darts

There are a number of factors that contribute to successful performance in sport. One of the key ingredients is having the right equipment. David Beckham for example has had boots created to aid his trademark free-kicks. Clothing and equipment companies invest substantial amounts of money to research and develop the perfect piece of kit, whether it is a tennis racket, golf club or the like. Dart players are no different and each player has their own ideas and preferences as to what makes the perfect dart. With the knowledge of how key the right darts are to optimum performance Paul Gillings from The Darts Performance Centre approached Red Dragon Darts, on behalf of our BDO dart playing client Anthony Urmston-Toft, as they have a great reputation for producing high quality custom made darts for the top TV players such as Simon Whitlock, Robert Thornton, Ritchie Burnett and Steve Beaton.

Red Dragon’s success in producing the perfect set of darts relies on various aspects of science and technology and they have been enthusiastic about our own scientific approach to darts performance .Despite Anthony not being as well known (yet) as the Wizard and The Adonis, Red Dragon produced a set of darts to Anthony’s specification to see how much the science of custom fit darts actually helps the players throw. This intensive design process involved making what had been in Anthony’s head since he first started throwing darts as a child, and delivering the perfectly balanced, weighted dart and ideal grip resistance for him.


Simon Hall head of Marketing for Red Dragon said “It’s been really interesting working with a dart player who is taking a thoroughly professional approach to the game, akin to a pro golfer. The schedule that Anthony sets himself is impressive and his commitment to constant improvement, through having the bravery to actually measure what he does week in week out. The Custom fit process we have developed involves several stages, but the first is the huge communication needed between the player and our Senior Technician. This understanding can make or break the exercise even before a dart has been designed”.

At present it’s a costly affair as it takes all day and so anyone interested would need to have over £2,000 spare to be fitted. Anthony was clearly thrilled with his new darts and soon put them to good use in a `one sided` challenge match against me, where I came off decidedly second best!!”



Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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