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We have sourced a new style of darts shirt that twins our desire to optimise performance on the oche with comfort and style.

The Darts Performance Centre Darts Shirt

Posted: 04.04.11 in Darts Product Reviews category

We have sourced a new style of darts shirt that twins our desire to optimise performance on the oche with comfort and style.

Darts Performance Centre Darts Shirts

The Darts Performance Centre mission is to assist you in winning darts matches. We have numerous practice games, technique advice and of course sports psychology tips to help you with your mental approach to darts. There are of course many more ways of gaining an advantage over your opponent, one of these ways is by ensuring that all your kit is optimised including your darts, flights, stems and clothing.

Competitors in most sports are meticulous in the clothing they wear for their particular sport to reach their optimum performance level. Cyclists and swimmers don clothing that is tight and that will assist with aerodynamics; footballers and rugby players seek lightweight clothing that fights sweat so they feel as comfortable as possible no matter what the weather. The dart player needs light, comfortable clothing that will keep him at a consistent temperature, cool and dry.

We have been searching for months to find a suitable darts shirt; we have now found it. We first looked at tennis shirts; we reasoned that if a shirt could stand up to the heat of a sport as dynamic as tennis then that would also be ideal for darts shirt. The main stumbling block was the price; tennis shirts are expensive.

However, after carrying out thorough research we have found a solution. We have sourced a shirt that is made with the same “properties” and the same high-tech yarns as the best tennis shirts on the market; shirts that keep your body dry and swiftly evaporate any excess moisture. We have achieved this by making a shirt from a fabric that goes on the inside of the shirt that hates water and a second layer of fabric on the outside that loves water. The inside of the shirt dries up any moisture swiftly and transports it to the outside layer for rapid evaporation and for keeping you dry. Please take a look at our video to see this process in action!

The fabrics that we use to make our shirts are also treated with “anti-microbial” agents, which stop the growth of any odours and bacteria, keeping you fresh for longer. The material is also good to wear; it is soft and most importantly comfortable.  We believe this darts shirt can maximise your performance by keeping you dry and comfortable.

The Darts Performance Centre “Darts Cooling System” is our solution if you require a high performance darts shirt at a competitive price. 

The shirt is available from our shop.

We also blogged during the World Championships about "The Bull" regretting not changing his shirt and responded to Wayne Baker`s article in Darts World which was centered on sport and clothing. 


The Drying Process of our "Darts Cooling System"

The Darts Performance Centre Darts Shirt



Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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