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Anthony made a splash at the recent Finland Open, went on a  "Cannonball" run to the quarter finals of the pairs and met a fan!

The Finnish Open

Posted: 11.03.11 in Anthony Urmston-Toft Blog category

Anthony made a splash at the recent Finland Open, went on a "Cannonball" run to the quarter finals of the pairs and met a fan!


Well folks got back from Helsinki at 2:00am due to delays. Maybe I will go British airways next time?

Well we start this little ditty on the Friday where it came to leaving the house and leaving my family, as a new father it is very difficult especially going far far away to another country never mind county. So gave “The little G” a cuddle got the Metrolink tram to Piccadilly then train to Manchester airport, with the now usual triple shot latte. Where I work a lady introduced me to this rocket fuel drink and now it’s my regular morning drink. Anyway had a mooch round airport T3, no problems.

Arrive in Helsinki and went through the new e-card entrance, OMG it’s like something from “Star Wars” it’s the probe that got me, odd! I picked up my luggage and stepped out of the airport, the cold hit me hard! I had got my gloves and hat but should’ve bought a balaclava! I then get the bus to the hotel and believe me that’s the cheapest thing all weekend. When I arrive at the  hotel Steve Douglas, Clive Barden and Paul Carter are checking in. The usual pleasantries are said then Steve tell me it just cost him €71, yep €71. I couldn`t resist telling him about the bus that cost €2.50 and took less time. Let’s just say that the following phrase used by Steve turned the air blue(er). Anyhow room was very nice, view pitch-black, Oreo’s out the bag cup of tea. Bed.

I had breakfast but...nowhere does bacon like us. I start practicing and I bump into The Cannonball again and discover Paul hasn`t got a pairs partner so we team up for the pairs on Sunday. In the venue there are players everywhere and it’s the usual jovial banter and what not First tournament of the day is 301 double in double out. Never played it in my life, but I give it go. First round I goof first time every leg with tops and win comfortably, second round the same but with a shut out, he didn’t hit the double in before I finished! Win third round 3-1 almost hitting 6-darter but 7 will do. Got beaten in the last 16 by a local who played very well 3-2, I did have a chance but hey-ho just a warm up, and then got talking to a fan. Yes true! He reads my blogs so shout out to Ville Pitkälahti, he travels 100km+ for darts matches, that’s dedication my friend.

Next tournament is the 501 best of 7 it’s over here on the continent. Win first 3 matches 4-0 with some tidy out shots, 151 being the highlight. In the last 32 I got beaten  4-2, my scoring power dipped and I  must admit got a bit nervous, can’t explain it is just one of them things, I then cheered on Clive who got to the semis and was beaten beat by the eventual winner Paul Jennings. It was well organised event and credit to the FDO.

Saturday night Steve Paul Clive and a lady who’s name I have forgotten, sorry! (The Lady with no name we shall call her) and myself go out for something to eat. The Pavements were very icy and the road junctions looked worse, anyway we get to a crossing and there is ice everywhere. I step out gingerly and my foot goes straight through what I thought to be ice but was a huge COLD puddle, my legs and arms are going mad like I’m in a Jackie Chan film and the rest of my “friends” are  standing and watching and oh yes, laughing.

Sunday was the pairs and Paul and I made a good team both scoring well and Paul finishing exceptionally well and “The Cannonball” fired us both into the quarter-finals. Steve and Clive win the event and got to say I’m happy with my game, yes I should have won more but I played well and it’s good progress. I just say what I see on these things. The only downside was the two hour delay but with Facebook all is well. 

 The Perfect Darts!

Other news is that my darts have sold out (now back in stock) and Steve Douglas has had a few sets off me and he is getting on well with them. “The Perfect Darts” as used by the professionals (well two of us anyway)!

May you play well and live well. If not I’ll get all Jackie Chan on you.

Off to the Isle of Man at the weekend, I will report back later.


Author: Anthony Urmston-Toft ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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