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In the second week Team Kasbah went under the analysis microscope, were sighted, had a session with a biomechanist and chucked their Spurs flights away on the advice of a Manchester United fan!

The Darts Experiment - Night 2 The Analysis (the short version)

Posted: 09.03.11 in Darts Experiment Blog category

In the second week Team Kasbah went under the analysis microscope, were sighted, had a session with a biomechanist and chucked their Spurs flights away on the advice of a Manchester United fan!


Darts Experiment – Night2 Pub Team Follow up………….

Venue: The Kasbah Club Bournemouth

Analysis: Great venue for darts if ever you are in Bournemouth


The Team: The Kasbah

Analysis: Team Kasbah were buzzing after the first week and were looking forward to being analysed in the Darts performance Centre video analysis zone. Pete Williams from Silicon Coach (analysis software) came along to lend his analysis and coaching expertise to the night. Also, bio-mechaninist Andy Humphrey and BDO player Anthony Urmston-Toft, both of The Darts Performance Centre were also in attendance.


Stage 1 - Video Analysis

Method: One player at a time was filmed throwing their darts. The players were then shown their video. The Silicon Coach software has a slow motion facility as well as being able to pinpoint release points and other crucial providers of valuable data.


These included head movement, body movement, arm movements, negative self-talk and eye alignment issues. On the whole the players were unaware of what they were doing.

Analysis: Honing your technique is a basic requirement to improving as a player. More and more practice will just accentuate any faults you have, more and more! One area that had an immediate impact on player`s accuracy was sighting them correctly using SightRight. The logic of throwing straight down the line from a central position and hitting 20 or 60 is a fantastic “light bulb “moment!


Stage 2 - The Bio-Mechanist

Method: Each player took their analysis sheet to Andy, who rubber stamped the recommendations and helped the players hone the tweaks we had recommended.

Analysis: The pressure of throwing and then, for all the players last night, seeing themselves for the first time on video can be overwhelming. The session with Andy allowed them the opportunity to reflect on what they had just done and was a really valuable addition to the learning process last night.

Stage 3 - The Kit Workshop

Method: Anthony Urmston-Toft demonstrated the difference a change of flight or stem can make to a players throw depending on their technique and how they would like their dart to land

Analysis: We did have some resistance from a couple of player`s last night. Alex, because he had to offload his beloved Spurs flights but cheered up when he realised the impact the change had made and another, who, remember the piece last week about having an open mind? Well, this player changed his set up of twenty years after seeing Anthony`s skilful and compelling demonstrations. He is very chuffed with the outcome he got (I know because he emailed to thank Anthony)!


Every player in Team Kasbah has engaged with the process of improvement. They are enthusiastic, open minded and trusting, three key ingredients for success in performance improvement. The video analysis was an “eye opener” for all and a very valuable step for all of Team Kasbah. The kit workshop also came as quite a surprise to most of the players too; especially Alex who has dumped his Spurs flights!

The Darts Experiment has momentum!


There are video interviews with all the players about night 2 as well as their videos from the video analysis zone on the Darts Performance Centre Channel and a snapshot of the feedback we received below.

You can find out more about SightRight here

If you would like to find out any more about any of the issues raised in The Darts Experiment full details are on our website: www.dartsperformancecentre.com



Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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