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Tuesday night is approaching. We warm up for week two with a run down of what Team Kasbah are going to face tomorrow.

Darts Experiment - The Plan For Night 2

Posted: 07.03.11 in Darts Experiment Blog category

Tuesday night is approaching. We warm up for week two with a run down of what Team Kasbah are going to face tomorrow.


Darts Experiment Week Two

The second session of The Darts Experiment kicks off tomorrow night (Tuesday March 8) and we have an interesting and action packed night planned for Team Kasbah.

Video Analysis

Pete Williams the UK distributor of Silicon Coach video analysis software and professional coach will be attending to assist me (Paul Gillings) and Andy Humphrey, the Darts Performance Centre biomechanist in running a technique clinic with Team Kasbah. This is a crucial first step in our improvement programme, we cannot emphasise enough how vital the correct technique is. We have listened to arguments that technique is not a fundamental part of a dart player’s armoury, but we cannot agree.

We do not under-estimate the skill and hours of practice some players have put in to enable them to go as far as the professional ranks in some cases with an action, stance or technique that shouldn`t work. However, they are the exceptions. All players from Pub to Pro need a repeatable sound technique to achieve their goals on the dart board.

However, we also fully understand the damage completely dismantling a players throw can do and usually it is totally unnecessary too. Our ethos is to pick just two coaching points, the two key areas that we can identify that will first of all be capable of being implemented by the player and which will have the biggest impact on their game.

Hone The technique

Once one pair of players has been through the video analysis zone they will take their reports and recommendations to Andy Humphrey, he is stage two of the conveyor belt. Andy is a dart player of thirty years standing who just happens to be a qualified biomechanists (the study of human movement in sport). Andy will work with the players to refine their technique, rubber stamp the coaching points the players have been given and drill their throw to try and ensure their former habits don`t creep back into their game. Andy has written the technique section of the site as well as a fault finder section and will be bringing these pages to life for Team Kasbah.

The Kit Workshop

The final port of call for Team Kasbah will be the kit workshop run by BDO player Anthony Urmston-Toft, Anthony has just got back from competing in the Finland Open. Anthony is going to demonstrate the potential impact different darts set ups can have depending on a players style of play and technique. Anthony will show players why their darts land in the board in the position they do and more importantly how a player can tweak their kit to get them to land as they would like them (flat in the bed maybe for ease of stacking) or to assist in optimising their technique. He may even let the players throw his darts he designed himself (with a little help from Red Dragon)

I was sent to the Double Top shop in Bournemouth and I am now the proud owner of every type of flights, stems and barrels you could possibly want.

The Warm Up

I nearly forgot about the warm up. Andy and Anthony will also be taking Team Kasbah through some stretching exercises prior to the conveyor belt starting. This is a vital ingredient for dart players, often ignored. Warm up can prevent injuries, focus your mind and relax you.

At the end of the night we will then lay down exhausted knowing that Team Kasbah will have made another step forward in their improvement programme.

A full report and video of Week two will be available later this week.

 All the information and services carried out with Team kasbah (mainly on a self help basis) are available at www.dartsperformanecentre.com for just £25.00 per annum.

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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