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The Darts Performance Centre is pleased to announce a major signing in their pursuit to be the "Number 1" darts advice site.

The February Transfer Window

Posted: 03.02.11 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

The Darts Performance Centre is pleased to announce a major signing in their pursuit to be the "Number 1" darts advice site.


The Darts Performance Centre is committed to bringing the most topical and well researched contemporary sports science advice for darts to be found on the web, books or any other type of media.


The Darts Performance Centre is delighted to introduce a new member to the team, Andy Humphrey. We believe that Andy will be a fantastic addition to the site. Why? Well let Andy introduce himself:




My name is Andy Humphrey. Before you think who is this guy? What does he know about darts? Who is he to tell me how to throw? Here is a little bit about me:


County Darts Career:

I started chucking darts about thirty odd years ago. I hit my first 180 when I was seven. I started playing in the Super League in about 1990 in Lincolnshire and subsequently was selected to play County Darts which I did for a number of years. One season we played in the premiership in which I was in the County A side and had a successful season.


Tournament Darts Career

I have won the Grantham men’s singles title, Newark men’s singles title, Lincoln men’s singles title, and runner up in the Sleaford men’s singles, qualified for the Weston Supermare singles finals night and Lincolnshire county pairs champion.


Academic Career

Fed up with working in an industry I didn`t enjoy I decided to go back to College and University so I could  pursue a subject that I was  passionate about, I embarked on a Sport and Exercise Science course (FDSc) which I passed. I then followed this up with a BSc in the same discipline.


Sport Science Skills

The course involved many hours honing coaching skills, analysing sporting techniques, sports injuries, injury prevention, and intervention strategies to improve performance. Now through the Darts Performance Centre I am able to bring my knowledge of sports science to the sport that I love.



The Darts Performance Centre welcomes Andy to the site. He will be updating the coaching area and his first post will be available soon. In the pipeline is an analytical tool which will help in spotting any flaws in your technique. Andy`s knowledge will open up many more research areas for us as we strive to be the only darts performance resource dart players will ever need.

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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