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We have tumbling gymnasts, analytical darts players and a New Year shout out to pioneers and others

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Posted: 31.12.10 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We have tumbling gymnasts, analytical darts players and a New Year shout out to pioneers and others


Welcome to The Darts Performance Centre Darts Blog
Opposition Analysis
 There was speculation last night about whether Wesley “The Warrior” Newton analysed his opponent’s methods before going into battle. We blogged recently at our surprise that more players didn`t use this type of performance analysis to prepare for matches. We can only be encouraged at the Darts Performance Centre that sports science is becoming more prevalent in the sport of darts and that performance analysis is one of our key skills, our contact details can be found on our website !
Performance Analysis in Other Sports
Here is an idea of a diverse range of sports that have used performance analysis in different ways. In football, analysts have concluded that successful teams have more possession, more attempts at goal, and more effective use of set plays as well as variability of performance (being able to adapt their style of play to counteract their opponents). In rugby union, winning teams differed from losing teams in the frequency of attacks and the amount of times they entered the opposition`s last third of the field.
In cricket, both formats of the one day game, Twenty/20 and 50 over cricket have been analysed. In Twenty/20, wicket taking during the game and during the last 6 overs as well as having a higher run rate were indicative of success. In the 50 over format taking wickets and run rate were most highly correlated with winning.  A study of speed skating reported arguably more tangible conclusions than the rather predictable results for cricket. For example, optimum lap times, position in ranking against competitors as well as position on the ice were identified in winning performances.
Performance analysts in Magdeburg, Germany, attempting to assess why the German team had tumbled to 4th place in the World Cup of rhythmic gymnastics, compared the performance of the German team with the teams finishing above them. This research produced performance areas for the gymnasts and coaches to focus on. These included the choreography of their moves, in particular balance and jumps which were found to be inferior to the successful teams. Coaches were the main beneficiaries of a study of successful Olympic volleyball teams. 36 games were analysed and a variety of advice of best practice for coaches was suggested.Other uses of the data produced from these studies suggested that the results could help gain a better idea of whether the effects of sport specific training or the use of nutrients actually impacts on sporting performance.
Happy New Darting Year
The Darts Analyst started 2010 with one goal, to finish his dissertation! That goal was achieved in February and since then darts has taken over. The Darts Performance Centre website was launched a few months ago, which is a culmination of all the work that went into the dissertation as well as the new research, ideas and help and guidance from people during this year.
So thanks to everyone that has helped along the way and especially Sid for giving up his time right at the start of this project, Dr Darts, John at British Darts, Simon at Red Dragon, Jamie “the” sports psychologist, Colin, Jim and Clare, Chris and everyone at Petersfield Academy. Also Charis at Global Darts, Nic, Wayne B, Krispy at Darts, Beers and Cheers and a massive thanks to Anthony Urmston-Toft for agreeing to go into partnership with this bloke who approached him about using sports science in darts. Also, and more recently to Andy Relf for his enthusiasm and support of the principles behind the website as well as both players for contributing their fascinating  blogs on a different side of life as darts players. I hope that their belief and support is rewarded on the oche this year, they deserve it.
A happy New Year to all the “pioneers” who are the clients of the Darts Performance Centre, we have some brilliant new features coming next year which will take your darts to a new level, guaranteed!


Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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