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We discuss the probability of who will be the "hair" to the PDC crown and please feel free to quote us on any of it...

PDC Darts World Championship - Darts Blog 7

Posted: 28.12.10 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We discuss the probability of who will be the "hair" to the PDC crown and please feel free to quote us on any of it...

Welcome to The Darts Performance Centre Darts blog
It`s a gift
The Darts Analyst received some interesting books as Xmas gifts this year. I received “Probability for Dummies”, although I had already worked out that I had a 77% chance of getting it (yes I have really been waiting since Xmas day to tell that one!). I also received a book of quotes by Vince Lombardi, arguably the best “American Football” coach of all time and I will share some of his wisdom with you over the next week or so.
No Time like the Present
OK, let`s kick off with this quote. Jackpot did his usual drift into “Jackpot Land” half way through his match last night but recovered brilliantly to win comfortably in the end. Dave ticked Lewis off for this and “Jackpot” took his criticism in his own mild-mannered and disarming way. The quote we have borrowed is a fundamental lesson for all darts players and perhaps should resonate with Adrian Lewis after last night:
“Success in darts is not so much of talent or opportunity as it is concentration and perseverance”
Hair Today but will he be Gone Tomorrow (or the day after)?
Peter Wright surprised a few `armchair` fans yesterday with his victory over “The Asset”  but it was perhaps not so much of a shock for any PDC floor tournament regulars. I have seen him play at a few of the PDC floor events and once in a professional capacity against a player I am associated with, Anthony Urmston-Toft. It was one of those classic PDC floor matches that Anthony was often involved in, just as I thought Anthony was in with a shout of winning, these really top players move up a gear. At four all "Snake Bite" took out a 100+ checkout on the bull (his second bull finish of the match) and then completed a 14 dart leg on his throw to win 6:4, quality!
What was also really impressive about Peter Wright yesterday was his interview afterwards. He was not really that  interested in reminiscing about the match he had just played in or even speculating on who he would play next. He did, however, remind all of us of the necessity to not concern yourself about what your opponent did in the last match, “each game is different” we were told, good advice! His main thoughts were on becoming World Champion; he believes he can go all the way, the “Hair Apparent” for the PDC crown! This reminded me of a quote by Jimmy Connors, for the younger viewers of the Darts Performance Centre blog, Connors was a handy tennis player back in the day.
“Never get negative about yourself, ok the other guy may be playing tough, he may have beaten you last time and maybe you haven’t been playing that well, but the moment you start thinking you are going to lose you are dead. I go in to every match convinced that I am going to win”.

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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