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Darts Analysts are not just for Christmas!

PDC Darts World Championship - Darts Blog 6

Posted: 24.12.10 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

Darts Analysts are not just for Christmas!

Darts Analysts are not just for Christmas !

We will be back after Christmas with our thoughts on the balance of the PDC World Championships and we will of course turn our attention to the Lakeside too. Thanks for following the blog and all the feedback we have received, keep it coming - Have a good one!

What`s So Funny?

The PDC World Championships has so far been a tournament of mixed emotions. We admired Dennis Smith for his ability to keep believing and for keeping his frustration under control as double after double was squandered during his first round match. On the other hand we had Colin Lloyd who smashed his fist into the board such was his frustration at the standard he was playing at.
Tonight we may see another way a player copes with adversity. Kevin McDine laughs when he misses. I have seen him do it at the Players Championship floor events and he also chuckled at his own misfortune at the last TV event he was in. During this event the commentators questioned his commitment to winning the darts match, which on the face of it was understandable. It does look like he doesn`t care if he misses, in fact it seems like he finds it all jolly amusing.
Don`t be fooled by his reaction. Of course he cares and he will be desperate to win this match. It is just his method of shaking off the frustration and he has found this `coping strategy` works well for him. I am looking forward to this particular match, Barrie Bates is a quality player too, whatever the outcome it should be a good laugh anyway!
Quickest Throwers
In `tribute` to the three Dutch players who played last night we have a `quickest thrower` list from the Darts Miscellany
Vincent Van Der Voort                         surely the quickest of them all.
Michael Van Gerwen                            Lighting fast and unorthodox
George Ewart                                      A left hander, “The Geordie Typhoon”
Ronnie Baxter                                     That`s why they call him “Rocket Ronnie”
Jelle Klassen                                       The 2006 BDO World Champion
Tony West                                          Breezed to the BDO World masters in 2003
Adrian Lewis                                       Yes, he is quick too!
Gary Robson                                      Gets rid of his darts as quick as he can
Steve Hine                                         Can`t hang around playing darts. I`ve got muffins on! 
Thanks to Matt Bozeat for permission to reproduce this list from his book Darts Miscellany.
Darts Performance Centre Xmas Party
The Darts Performance Centre Xmas Party is scheduled for tonight (a good excuse for me and Mrs Darts Analyst to go out in truth) , so the Darts Performance Centre blogger may have a day off tomorrow   if that`s OK with you?

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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