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We have blood, dartboard abuse and Adrian `Two Dart` Lewis for you today.

PDC Darts World Championship - Darts Blog 2

Posted: 18.12.10 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We have blood, dartboard abuse and Adrian `Two Dart` Lewis for you today.

At the Darts Performance Centre we advocate players setting goals and striving to hit their targets. Colin Lloyd took this concept too literally last night and actually punched his target in a fit of frustration. His resulting injury was displayed on TV after Dave sensed blood. “It`s all part and parcel of a darts match” Lloyd offered by way of an explanation.
Exactly one month ago we discussed the need for match referees to have their role defined. This was after the incident in the King-Henderson match when the official in charge seemed reluctant or powerless to intervene in the altercation over whether Henderson had his foot over the oche. It was a similar scenario last tonight, the ref didn`t know what had hit him (fortunately it wasn`t Jaws) after the temper tantrum from Lloyd or what he could actually do about it.
The cry for Lloyds to be disqualified is an overreaction and the punishment would not fit the crime, not in this modern era of sport anyway. The nearest comparison to this type of behaviour that is officially recognised as outside of the “laws of the game” is racket abuse in tennis. Umpires have the power to deduct points for this offence during a game and the governing body also can fine players post-match. The deduction of points is a powerful weapon for the match referee to have in his armoury and would at least give him the chance to land a metaphoric body blow to any player guilty of “dartboard abuse”.
Darts Miscellany
Thanks to Matt Bozeat, the author of the Darts Miscellany for permission to display one of the trivia lists from his new book. We have reviewed the book and have a competition to win a copy. Please email us your darts related trivia list to be entered for the draw.
Before they were famous
Phil Taylor                          Maker of Toilet Chain Handles
James Wade                      Car Engineer
Kevin Painter                     Ground Worker
Gary Anderson                   Grate Builder
Andy Smith                        Tree Surgeon
Wayne Mardle                    Accountant
Michael Van Gerwen           School Boy
What are the facts of the matter?
Adrian Lewis was criticised last night (fairly in the opinion of the commentator dishing out the criticism) because of his carelessness with his third dart. Lewis then sent a wayward second dart towards the board and closed with another treble 20 with his third!
The problem we have with this type of analysis is that it is very subjective. Where is the evidence that proves Lewis is consistently a poor exponent of the third dart throw? There is no evidence if you look at his 9 dart average, Lewis has the second highest (104) from all the first round games played so far (consistent power scoring), a doubles percentage of over 42% and wiped out a player 3:0 who scored eight- 180`s and twelve-140`s. You cannot achieve that with two darts!


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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