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Our round up of the PDC Darts World Cup, we have Arthur Daley,penalty shoot out cliches and a juggling Dutchman!

What a Terrible Way to Lose !

Posted: 06.12.10 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

Our round up of the PDC Darts World Cup, we have Arthur Daley,penalty shoot out cliches and a juggling Dutchman!


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Pork pies, Fibs and Statistics

We suggested yesterday a GP (Great Pair) statistical rating system for yesterday’s semi finals and final. Arguably the predictions they created were accurate. Holland beat Spain and Wales as the stats predicted. We did think the Holland V Spain match would be closer, however, we did add the rider that the `Barney` effect would be key. He played brilliantly and Team Spain had to pack their bags and head back to warmer climes. We also suggested Australia should beat Wales and, in fact, Australia did win more matches in that particular semi final, but lost!

The scoring system intervened and showed a huge flaw in our statistical system, the profound effect of two points for a doubles win. Hmmm, they don`t do that in Davis Cup  tennis so why in a PDC inspired darts competitions?  Probably because it produced the stunning one leg shoot out we all craved. Best of all it gave the opportunity for one of the commentators to say “what a terrible way to lose”, as their more fortunate football collegues get the chance to any time England are in a major football tournament. Did anyone grab this `once in a lifetime opportunity`? I didn`t hear it if they did, shame!

Our idea for these statistics was conceived during an evening out on Saturday. The guilt of leaving Darts Analyst Boulevard and of course the darting action was too much for my conscience to bear and perhaps the reason for the, on reflection, somewhat flawed statistical formula. We will try it again for the World Championships, watch this space!

Nice Little Earner

Back in the 80`s Arthur and Terry romped around central London trying to `earn a crust`. The usual format was for Arthur to come up with some barely legal scheme and ultimately Terry his trusty minder and `sidekick` would bail him out of the mess he was in and somehow win the day.  Co Stompe took on the role of `minder` to Barney, as well as coach, clown, entertainer and psychologist, it was a juggling act!  He deserves tremendous credit for the role he took for the team, and unlike Terry in the fictional TV series will get his deserved 50% of the winnings.A few of the pundits were even suggesting he should take the role on as an employment opportunity! Why on earth would he want to do that? He has done his bit for his country and

Team Holland`s victory was well deserved, no doubt about that.   Co demonstrated during the World Cup he has the skill and determination to succeed, let`s hope the only entertaining he is doing next is for the crowd at the  Ally Pally







Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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