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The rumours are true, BDO player Anthony Urmston-Toft did go to Fleetwod and he continues his blog from his Mac...

Anthony`s BDO Blog - continues...

Posted: 06.12.10 in Anthony Urmston-Toft Blog category

The rumours are true, BDO player Anthony Urmston-Toft did go to Fleetwod and he continues his blog from his Mac...


Welcome to The Darts Performance Centre Darts Blog

Writing about Fleetwood… on a Mac.

Well greetings once again. This little ditty is about the Lancashire Darts Open in Fleetwood. Preparation was indifferent with work and what not, but still felt calm. Arrived early to acclimatise, as it was freezing. I have been practicing for this as the heating at home is on a timer. Anyway had to mark a game first as I had a bye. The two players never really got going and the standard was erratic, moments of great darts, but nothing to write home about. So carried on practicing had a few drinks, tea being the order of the day.
Played my first game 3-0 and brought my practice game to the board, which was nice. Been tinkering with the flights as they were not landing the same and it made me focus more on how they were landing. Put a standard flight in and they land more upright but were stable in terms of where they landed.
Used these for next game 3-0 with 16, 14, 15 dart legs. Which in Waddell speak is TAYLOResk. Had the bit between my teeth for this one. My checkouts where good. Have noticed in a lot of my matches recently. I’m leaving my self 81, 121, 161. Which is a good indicator for darts being straight and plus I only have to practice on three checkouts. Easy. All joking aside the checkout matrix on the website is a great tool for practice for the middle section of a game of darts. Another great tool of late is the Champions Choice board, this is good for practice of straight doubles and the more simple checkouts (2 Figure) the doubles are smaller than standard boards so can also test the nerves!
Last 32 got beat 3-2. A sloppy start to the match was the cause of this, nothing more, he played well. I’m not one for taking credit away. The last leg he hit 125 125 140 , game. Not a lot you can do but say well done. Had a right laugh with Alan Tabern Jnr. He’s got a dark sense of humour, bit like me and old mate Stephen Bunting was there. I marked his game against Dougie Smith. What a game 3-2. Big scores, big checkouts and a few squeaks on the doubles made this one fascinating. The Bullet came out with the win, and you could see the relief . You also could see the respect and the friendship of the two of them. That’s something that’s missed on the telly on the circuit, either BDO or PDC. You do make friends on your travels but you may have to play against each other and sometimes people take it to heart and I’ve heard stories of friendships `breaking`  over this. At the end of the day its darts, it’s a game. Life isn’t. Now don’t get me wrong I hate losing but if it happens then so be it, learn, practice and become better because of it.
Here ends the reading please turn your page to 159 for Shoot that Poison Arrow.
The Rev Anthony Urmston-Toft
Head of Philosophy at the College of St Tabern.


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Author: Anthony Urmston-Toft

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