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We discuss day one of the PDC World Cup. We have PARTnerships, topless darts,Ian Botham and Red Rum!

Taylor and Wade- Just Didn`t Look The Part

Posted: 04.12.10 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We discuss day one of the PDC World Cup. We have PARTnerships, topless darts,Ian Botham and Red Rum!



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In our pre-tournament blogs we suggested that team work would have an impact on the PDC World Cup and suggested a `profile` for a successful team.

So let’s look out for the team that talks to each other, encourages, `compliments `each other in technique as well as  personality and displays positive body language  and remembers the golden rule of all successful teams. You win together and you lose together but whatever the outcome you display great pride in your team.

 Bad Boys

Hmmm, there was at least one team yesterday that failed to show any or very few of the positive traits we highlighted prior to the PDC Darts World Cup getting underway, but well done to Spain! The alarm bells were ringing in Darts Analyst Towers when `Dave` reported the bizarre pre-match warm-up of Team England, their strategy was  to ignore each other. Taylor and Wade were practising at opposite ends of the practice room, it is not really surprising that these two `strangers` didn`t gel on the stage.

John MaGowan and Brendan Dolan also get a mention in this section for also completely ignoring the benefits of a team strategy. The experienced MaGowan  dismissed any benefit of tactics as necessary for doubles play and appeared convinced that pairs was in fact just like playing singles, but with a partner (we know what he meant) .  Their team strategy was a rather `wishy washy` “we will just go and do our best".   However, Team Northern Ireland and Team England were both dumped out of the tournament last night by two `teams` who displayed all the traits we were looking for, maybe it is just a coincidence?

A Great PARTnership

`DarthMaple` the wily Canadian displayed some clever `man-management` skills and scored some points in our `team work` analysis league table for his efforts. It was clear to see the other half of the Canadian partnership, Ken MacNeil, was suffering from the weight of responsibility of representing the Country he is so fiercely and explicitly proud of as well as the `usual` anxiety attacks prevalent when dart players, TV cameras and a stage all collide.

In the post match interview Part began his attempt to calm the nerves of MacNeil by dismissing the forthcoming singles matches as practically irrelevant. “We can just relax through those games, even if we lose both of them we can still qualify in the doubles”. He still has some work to do today to get the best out of Ken but he has laid the foundations.

Topless Darts

We also liked the `chemistry` of the Swedish team and it took a great performance from the USA to despatch the Magnus and Par partnership from the tournament. In an attempt to find out a little more about the darting scene in Sweden we carried out some research on the topic. During our search we discovered a Swedish `Facebook` page nominating `Topless Darts` as a viable alternative to the standard format that we are used to.

Before there are cries of `sexism` the site itself points out this idea of bare-chested sport is not just for male players, oh no, female players are welcome too! Equality in darts, good to see! The bad news is that you have to be accepted by the administrator of the page. In the name of research we have sent in our application and we will keep you all abreast of any developments.


Five Great Sporting Partnerships

After the debacle of the 2018 bid and the Spanish victory last night we cheer ourselves up with some English partnerships (not in any particular order) that will bring back some happier memories. The `partners` come from a list compiled by the Daily Mail but don`t let that stop you from taking a look at the balance of the suggestions and a few other lists too, it`s good!

1              Botham and Willis
2              Shearer and Sheringham
3              Redgrave and Pinsent
4              Ginger McCain and Red Rum
5              Woodward and Johnson

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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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