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We look ahead to the Cash Converters World Cup, I know, we can`t wait either...

What happened to the bid ? (for tickets to the darts World Cup)

Posted: 01.12.10 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We look ahead to the Cash Converters World Cup, I know, we can`t wait either...


PDC World Cup


The first ever darts World Cup starts on Friday, it has been given a `lukewarm` reception and the organisers have had problems converting the tickets into cash. However, Barry Hearn, the marketing genius that he is, has offered free tickets for the opening session to the good folk of Houghton Le Spring.

The PDC free tickets are not the only `remarkable` feature of this event, the sponsorship by `cash converter should also be welcomed.  Darts has always struggled to attract `mainstream` sponsors. It could be argued that cash converters are not exactly mainstream, but they don`t sell alcohol or tobacco and I don`t think you can bet in there either.  Anyway, if darts is serious about reinventing itself then sponsors outside of the `big three` products that usually sponsor darts tournaments are welcome.

 The perceived lack of excitement for the World Cup is not unusual. Did you know that most European nations didn`t even bother to show up for the first World Cup of football? Italy, Germany and England all stayed at home. It has been reported that England (remember we invented football), and due to the mistaken superiority complex by the FA felt it was beneath them to go and play against `foreigners`! How things change. So let us not be too down hearted at the lack of excitement for this inaugural competition, who knows in a few years time there may be a Panorama programme about how a good quality cash converter wide screen telly (probably 3D) was used as a `gift` for a darting delegate to help bring the World Cup back to Houghton Le Spring ,its spiritual home.

So what is in it for us at the Darts Performance Centre ? We like the idea of doubles play and that is possibly where our interest may be focused. The effect of team work and team spirit in darts is a barren area from a research viewpoint, what impact does a team with a good spirit have over a two `man` team that is lacking in collective responsibility and empathy? Will we get the touching hands favoured by tennis partners, or perhaps the colliding fists favoured by cricketers? Hopefully we will and hopefully it will really annoy one of the commentators, always good fun that! What about strategy, will the players be discussing what to leave each other on the double, surely they will, won’t they? Will any thought go into which member of the team throws first; with a bit of calculation you could work out the most statistically likely member of the team to have a chance at the double first!

Actually, come to think of it, I can`t wait for this to start now. I have been converted!


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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