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The latest `awesome` feedback from site members!

Good to hear from you...

Posted: 02.12.10 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

The latest `awesome` feedback from site members!


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Site Review

PDC fan site Darts, Beers and Cheers recently reviewed the site and their report can be found here.

Some New Testimonials: 2 December 2010

From RJ

Absolutely loving the site to be honest i am looking forward to my practice every day now as i feel it has a real direction and meaning than before when i thought i was practicing by lobbing endless darts at treble 20 and the occasional darts at treble 19 and doubles. To be fair i did use some practice games i picked up from friends but never recorded scores. 

From JS

Really enjoying the site so far, although as always would like to be practicing more than I am!

Short but Very Sweet from SP

I am getting on well with the site, I think it is awesome.

Client`s Testimonial

I just thought I'd drop you a line and thank you for the continued updates to the website. I enjoyed the blogs especially since I was not able to see more than a couple matches from the Grand Slam. I was intending to email you today asking for some recommendations for tournament preparation but then I saw your latest article. Excellent stuff! I've only been on the program a few weeks but already I've noticed a significant change in my game and others have as well. I've had several people at league play comment on how I am much more focussed and consistent. I was playing well before but it sometimes felt like more good luck than good management. Now I feel in control of my game and my results truly feel earned.
I'm approaching the game like a professional and not concerning myself with how others view my methods. I'll let my game speak to that. I always enjoyed practice but now I am really excited to get at it. I'm actually throwing fewer darts than before but I'm spending much more time engaged mentally with planning and analyzing. The darts I do throw are clearly more purposeful and productive. Thanks for your help with inspiring this change in my game.
This coming weekend marks the beginning of my true competitive season. Sunday is the first of four monthly qualifier tournaments for the Provincial Championships. My confidence is building as I ramp up to this which is the first test of my new game. Today I'll map out my practice plan for the week and begin preparations.
Thanks and keep up the good work on the site!
Our friends at Global Darts recently interviewed Tony O`Shea in Wolverhampton during the Grand Slam and amongst lots of interesting debate Tony O`Shea was asked of his opinion of sports science in darts.

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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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