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We welcome Anthony Urmston-Toft to the site, 
he will be telling you about life in the BDO!

Prague, Darts and H2O

Posted: 18.11.10 in Anthony Urmston-Toft Blog category

We welcome Anthony Urmston-Toft to the site, he will be telling you about life in the BDO!

Welcome to The Darts Performance Centre Darts Blog
I’m delighted to write this. This is my first blog here on the dartsperformancecentre. It will be about my latest trip to Prague in the Czech Republic. Well it’ll start on the day before. I had a league match with The Football in Swinton, a team I’ve been playing for some 4 years. It was a tough game against a seasoned campaigner, who also happened to be a women, it’s always a toughy playing a women, especially when they can throw better than some men. I won 2-0 with 15 and 16 darts so an average performance. It was good practice and good banter with the team and without doubt probably the best Landlord (Think Gene Hunt the prostate years).
Got up early on the Friday, made sure I packed everything, went to put the alarm on and realised didn’t have my lucky socks, but this is a new time so who needs socks when you have confidence and for the first time in a while an excitement about playing. Got to the airport way in time (excitement that) and pottered about, you could spend hundreds of pounds here on stuff you don’t want. Read the Gospel according to Clarkson. On the plane all I could think about was my wife and the pip inside her (8 weeks to go) and about the job at hand.
Arrive at the hotel. It’s nice enough bed, television, shower and a good ironing board. Unpack my bag then off for a practice. The set up was simple enough. The dartboards were Harrows Apex (A good board but needed turning regular) played in the warm up tourney got to last 8 won my money back got beat by a Dutch lad. I swear they all throw quickly, at times I’m fast but this guy was doubly quick and quick to a double. Never mind eh? Well off to bed text the wife, Sleep.
Next day healthy breakfast: porridge, muesli and a cup of Rosie Lee. Get into my dart clobber and off to do damage. Met some old friends form the youth days. Ex team mate Stephen Bunting and Kirk Shepard (Countdown Champion) just practiced my usual routine and settled down with a bottle of H2O. First game was against a Czech national player, made a meal out of it but got the W 4-3, First round out the way just relax, another H2O practice 10 minutes before my match.
Next I was against “ The Game” Steve Douglas I was up for this I was creaming the treble and started with a 180. From there It was all me in a flash I was 3-0 up then all of a sudden Steve came back I had darts to win but just on the wire. Next thing 3-3. Bull up, I won the bull went in 140, then 177, 100 left my self 32. Single 16 first dart, loop on 8, and middle of double 8 for the win GAME OVER! (Sorry could resist) 3 round won 4-0. Won my board last 32 getting going now. Bit of a wait now against Polish player Krzysztof Ratajski he was peppering the treble but so was I. he won 4-2 but my word what a game. Nothing below 15 darts, which is 100+ average, so can’t complain.
Sunday was in the pairs with Brian Hallas; again I was in the swing of things won our matches comfortably. Then we came up against Scotty 2 Hotty Waites and Scotty Dog Mitchell or as I like to call them “Hot Dogs” well they were just class, 100`s and 140`s all the way. We did not have an answer for it they ran away 4-0 and they went on to become the champions. So a good weekend some ranking points and some money to take home. Told the Missus and she were chuffed to bit and Paul was a happy chap too. For me well I’ve started my BDO career well. The only way is UP.
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Author: Anthony Urmston-Toft

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