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Oliver expresses his feelings on how the Darts Performance Centre works for him.

Guest Blog - Oliver Darts Performance Centre member

Posted: 09.11.11 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Oliver expresses his feelings on how the Darts Performance Centre works for him.


Another Satisfied Customer

One of our newest subscribers was keen to comment on the Darts Performance Centre website and how it has already changed their game. Our subject, Oliver, is a keen darts player and wants to develop his game. He has used resources such as books and DVDs, often using information from non darts specific resources about sports psychology and mental preparation for sport, which Oliver adapted to his darts practice.
Having found Darts Performance Centre, which brings all the elements of goal setting, sports psychology, and practice methods and underpinning nutritional information, Oliver commented “I am surprised what a planned approach to improvement has done for my game”.
 A meticulous approach to improving performance is something Oliver is a big advocate of, but he feels that some people, whilst having good intentions do not want to put the hours in to actually improving their darts. “A lot of other players want to be a good dart player, but they don’t want to practise”.

 It was because Oliver wanted to break the cycle of so many darts players he signed up to the Darts Performance Centre website.

“I wanted to start with a new, concentrated work out. I think this is the right resource, where I can get help and monitor my improvement. The Darts Performance Centre is a big step for my own practice. I had my own ideas but I was not confident if it was the right way. The Darts Performance Centre has given me the ability to track my progress, which has increased my focus on all aspects of my game. I no longer have to spend time formulating practice sessions and can now spend my time on actually playing and working on my game”.

One of the aspects of the site which Oliver was particularly pleased with was that feedback could be obtained to help him focus on problematic areas or to fine tune elements of his game. “Feedback is the most important thing for me. The session plans are optimal and are a lot of fun, which is very important for me”.

The Darts Performance Centre is pleased to have inspired such comments as it shows that the resources on offer are what players like you have been looking for.

 If like Oliver you are keen to become a better darts player and willing to invest your time to do so, like Oliver, you could see the benefits of a Darts Performance Centre SubscriptionIf you are serious about your darts you won’t be disappointed.

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