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Our reasons for believing that if you are serious about improving your darts then it will be money well spent.

Why Should I Pay 25.00 - Update, updated!

Posted: 05.03.11 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Our reasons for believing that if you are serious about improving your darts then it will be money well spent.


Message From Canada

As a trained, high-performance athlete in other sports I was very disappointed that there seemed to be no resources available which treated my new pastime like a true SPORT!  That is, until I found Darts Performance Centre.    Paul Gillings is dragging the darting world into the 21st century as he provides a complete program of proven training methods upon which other athletes have been building for years.  Everything I was looking for is right there in one place. 

I've had all the help and support I would expect from a personal coach/trainer even though I'm 3,600 miles away!  Of course it’s possible to become a quality player with the 'do it the way that feels right' and ‘pound the dartboard’ approach but if you want to become the VERY BEST player you can be then Paul and the DPC are the teammates that can help get you there. Ken S. Ontario, Canada

Sports Science and Darts

Sports science is a relatively new concept in the sport of darts. Whilst there are certain biomechanical fundamentals (what your body does when you hurl a dart) which can be applied to the sport, there is very little research in this area. The Darts Performance Centre aims to be forerunners in the research and development of the darts throwing technique.

Paul Gillings (MSc Performance Analysis of Sport) and Andy Humphrey (BSc. FDSc. Sport and Exercise Science and dart player for 20years plus) are constantly working and striving to help players of all abilities understand the darts throw and correct simple unspotted errors that are holding good players back and stopping brilliant players reaching their potential.

The data we collect from the constant breakthroughs we are making in analysing the darts throw will be available to all our members through our website: The Darts performance Centre. There is no other resource open to grassroots players with this level of expertise and with the most up to date methods and tips on how you can improve your technique.

Through the mediums of the self help interactive section on the site, which guides you through many aspects of the game (practice, psychology, goal-setting and nutrition, yep nutrition!), through to the video analysis and coaching sessions that we offer, all these areas will help you towards being the best that you can be.

We will improve your darts play! You can register here

The Website

The Darts Performance Centre is a self-help website but with a twist. We believe we have the right advice, practice games and interactive areas to help you think deeper on how you can improve your game. But we don`t abandon you once you have signed up!

There is an interactive diary area where we leave feedback on what you have entered in your diary. It may be a suggestion on how to tweak your practice session or a word or two of encouragment. You can also ask our team: that comprises of pro players, an expert in bio-mechanics (how the body works or should work when you throw a dart), performance analyst and coach, any thing you like relating to your game. These services are all included in the membership fee. 

We have also just launched our video analysis service that is only available to our members at the moment. If you are wondering if that will help take a look at this feedback we have had:


Incredible, that's all I have to say I can't thank you enough.  The best 25 pounds I've ever spent.  I hope one day I get to meet all of you and shake your hands.  Back to the board.

Your forever grateful student

The original Article

The Darts Performance Centre is a new website that was set up with one main aim, to assist dart players of all standards to improve. The majority of other popular sports offer specialist coaching and advice to participants, usually from a very young age. The dart player has very little support in this area, except darts forums and team mates, and the advice found there cannot always be relied on.

Paul Gillings, the founder of the Darts Performance Centre is a sports scientist, whose area of interest is performance analysis. He has developed a formula for darts players to reach their peak through a combination of goal setting, improvement strategy development, nutrition and coaching advice. “Darts is a sport where you are solely responsible for your performance, preparing yourself and training is essential to success. 

The website takes you through a step by step route to improvement. There are no tricks or smoking mirrors or any wild promises. Anyone signing up to the course is told several times, only get involved if you can offer us patience and commitment. We are not trying to make `easy money`, that is not the philoshophy of the site, we would genuinely prefer clients to fully commit to the ideas before parting with any money. 

The site contains vital information on how to improve your performance at all levels of play. There is a specialist psychology section devoted to improving all aspects of the psychological problems that can plague players of all levels. There is a biomechanics/coaching section, this section provides a technical breakdown of the darts throw, problem diagnosis and specialist coaching tips and techniques to get the best from your game. There is an interactive practice log that will help you monitor your progress step by step as you work towards your goal. . We also have an area where clients can us ask us directly for advice which is then made available for the balance of the site users to look at.

Membership is £25.00 for a whole year, the same cost as a new set of darts as one member suggested! What’s more the Darts Performance Centre site is continuing to evolve. The commitment to researching and being at the forefront of darts sports science is unwavering and our pledge is that for your £25 accompanied with your time and commitment to using the Darts Performance Centre site resources you will see measurable improvements in your game.  

Details of what areas are covered by the site are featured by clicking on each individual zone on the home page of the website www.dartsperformancecentre.com. They cannot be reached when you have registered for the site. Please register to claim your free poster and then return to the home page to access details of all the areas on the site.

Read all This and Still not Convinced?

Please tell us why and we will pop you in the draw for a darts wallet. We love feedback, without it there can be  no learning!





Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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