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PDC World Championship Day 3 Review Day 4 Preview

Posted: 16.12.18 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

It wasn't just darts thrown at the Ally Pally last night and we look ahead to a Super Sunday at the Palace!

Well, that was another eventful day and night of darts! MVG is used to making a splash on the oche not on the walk on. But, one fan, if we are to take at face value the reports of the incident, threw a pint of beer over Michael as he strode towards the stage.

I say allegedly as we haven’t actually seen the culprit throw the beer. It can be chaotic on the walk on and I guess that it could have been an accident during the melee of trying to get a high five from MVG as he walked on. Apparently, the culprit has been identified and banned, so this does suggest there is strong evidence to suggest this was a deliberate act.

Photo PDC?/Ludwig

The walk on in darts is such a magic part of the game. As dart players become ever more distant from their fans, just as footballers have done due to their spiralling wage packets over the past 10/15 years, the walk on gives the average fan the chance to connect with their favourite players. It would be such a pity if one mindless act put that in jeopardy.

MVG brushed off the interruption and comfortably beat Alan Tabern 3:1. Other stand out performances were that of Craig Ross from New Zealand, not for the right reasons though. He had a technique that needs to change. Lurching on every throw, sometimes getting it right, more often not, was quickly dismantled by Toni Alcinas. Come on players of New Zealand, there must be another candidate for this prime appointment?

Other good performances were from Josh Payne, Ryan Searle and Keegan Brown. Setting the MVG soaking aside, darts won through in the end.

We have another double header today:

Sunday December 16
Afternoon Session (1230)
Gabriel Clemens 8/15 v Aden Kirk 9/4  (R1)
William O’Connor 3/5 v Yordi Meeuwisse 8/5  (R1)
Brendan Dolan 2/17 v Yuanjun Liu 7/1  (R1)
Dave Chisnall 2/7 v Josh Payne 3/1 (R2)

It is always a treat to see the players who we don’t get to watch on too many occasions. Gabriel Clemens, another of the emerging German players has a full tour card and has had a good season. He takes on Aden Kirk, a name from the past who burst onto the scene a few years ago and then vanished as quickly as he arrived.

The final match of the afternoon session should be a good one. Chizzy, who can be brilliant, but can be average takes on Josh Payne who impressed in his first-round match v Jeff Smith.

Sunday Special

Clemens to win 8/15 and Over 9.5 180’s in the Chizzy game 11/10  at just under 2/1.

Evening Session (1900)
Luke Humphries 10/17v Adam Hunt 8/5  (R1)
Matthew Edgar 11/10 v Darius Labanauskas 10/11 (R1)
Ross Smith 3/4 v Paul Lim 6/5 (R1)
Peter Wright 1/8 v Toni Alcinas 13/2 (R2)

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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