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The latest Unicorn products have been launched!

Unicorn Launch 2019

Posted: 04.07.18 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

The latest Unicorn products have been launched!

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Unicorn Trade Launch a few weeks ago in Nottingham. All the products launched today, 4 July 2018 at noon were there for us to admire.

Unicorn have upped their game with their packaging and their Gary Anderson, Jelle Klassen and Seigo Asada deluxe range look amazing!

Their new Noir range too looks fantastic. A number of Unicorn players have been “upgraded” to the Noir range – James Wade, Michael Smith as well as Anderson, Klassen and Seigo Asada. The range is complemented by the Noir flights range.

John Lowe has some new gold darts out, no surprise there as he inadvertently went public with them a month or so ago. The darts are lovely! Kyle Anderson’s Phase 2 darts are also available as well as Jamie Caven’s Phase 2. We took the Caven’s because of the scallop in them. We reckon they will suit a lot of players looking for consistent finger placement.

Stem wise we have the two-tone Gripper 4 stems as well as the signature flights of Gary Anderson and Jelle Klassen.


Unicorn have always been leaders when it comes to cases and their existing range has been boosted with the new Slider cases. We have the white and the Gary Anderson versions available.

Follow the link here to our dedicated page on the DPC Darts Shop site wich has all the products we are stocking from the 2019 Unicorn Darts Launch. We can confirm that we are in possession of all the products we are offering so available for immediate dispatch.  All orders by 3.30 pm will go first class today – 4 July.

Our Thoughts

Some great products launched I am sure you will agree. Hats off to Unicorn, they have upped their game this year in several ways. The darts and packaging look great, a big help especially when you run a High Street shop as well as customers can get up close and personal to the product.

Also, Unicorn have created some fantastic banners and videos to go with their 2019 collection. All the other top brands offer varying degrees of assistance with pics etc but what Unicorn have provided puts them right up there in the social media assistance league table!

I hope the new products are well received and we have a long day in store unpacking all the new gear. In true Unicorn launch tradition a Chinese dinner tonight I think :) But not as many courses as we get here!



Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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