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Target had a "mini launch" of new products today.Here is what will be available at the DPC Darts Shop!

Target Darts Launch

Posted: 21.03.18 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Target had a "mini launch" of new products today.Here is what will be available at the DPC Darts Shop!

Target Darts had a “mini launch” today of some interesting new products. Here is some more info:

Ten X Flights

Ten X Flights are the smallest standard size flights available on the market. Here is what Target had to say about them:

Garry Plummer, Managing Director of Target Darts said, ‘We wanted to produce a flight shape that had the stability of the best-selling standard flights, however with reduced drag and added speed. The jump from something like Kite or Vapor to Standard is more like a leap, and we noticed that there was a gap in the market for something in-between.’

At 15% smaller than a Standard No.6 and 25% smaller than a Standard No.2, the Ten-X features reduced drag, less deflection and are perfect for those who prefer a faster-flying dart through the air.

Take a look at the range here:

Storm Surge Points

Next up are the Storm Surge Points as used by World Champion Rob Cross! According to Target these points are: “uniquely designed and machined to provide the ultimate grip to both the thrower’s finger and to secure the dart once it hits the Dartboard. Coated in Titanium Nitride, applied using PVD process to provide a harder and more durable finish. Available in Arctic, Black & Gold”

Take a look at the range here:

Voltage Vision Flights

Another Rob Cross inspired product from Target! Target announced them at their launch like this:

‘The ‘Voltage’ Vision Ultra flights feature a spot UV print to enhance flight to shaft grip. This bold eye-catching design was inspired by the 2018 World Darts Champion’s signature ‘Voltage’ style, with the addition of a ‘star’ graphic icon to represent winning the 2018 World Championship. 

Take a look at the range here:

Wayne Mardle Generation 2 Darts

The Sky commentator and Target ambassador Wayne Mardle has given his darts a makeover!  Here is how Target have introduced these new sets of tungsten!

The Hawaii 501 Gen 2 feature Target’s unique dual pixel grip technology combined with radial grooves at the back of the barrel.  Coated and coloured in the dazzling Polychromatic Titanium Nitride, for a stunning yet protected finish, with re-machined dual pixels to enhance grip.

The Hawaii 501 Gen 2 comes fitted with Nickel Point, Pro Grip Clear Shaft and Hawaii 501 flight.

Take a look at the range here:

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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