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Dart flights are integral to the overall performance of your projectile, and getting the best dart flights for your play style will be essential to your performance.

How to Choose Dart Flights

Posted: 26.02.18 in Darts Performance Centre Blog category

Dart flights are integral to the overall performance of your projectile, and getting the best dart flights for your play style will be essential to your performance.


When it comes to picking the right flight, a lot of it is going to come down to your personal preferences regarding your throwing style and the construction of the rest of your dart. When choosing any part of your setup from dart flights and stems to size and weight, you’re always going to want to make sure that they compliment your strengths as a player. Constructing your perfect dart might not necessarily improve your performance, but it’s one less thing to worry about, allowing you to pay more attention to improving your aim and form. Smaller things like these accumulate and have a bigger effect – which is why the state of equipment of pro players can seriously affect the darts betting odds. 

Long Haul Flights

The first thing to consider here is how the choice plays into your throwing style. If you tend to beam your shots at the board with a strong throw, then you’ll want a dart with a smaller size to reduce the chance of your it being carried off course by the impact of more drag. For this kind of throw you’ll want a small dart overall that includes a smaller size of flight. If you tend to throw your with less force in more of a lobbed arc trajectory, then you’ll want bigger dart flights to help stabilise your throw, whilst also helping to preserve your chosen angle of entry. This comes in especially handy with heavier darts. Long flights also help stop longer stemmed darts from fishtailing in the air, which also improves your overall accuracy.

Finding The Right Dart For You

For more forceful throwing styles, you’ll want to opt for smaller, lighter darts, and you’ll want something like custom dart flights of a similar criteria. Using a smaller option usually necessitates a more forceful throw to successfully lodge themselves into the board, which sometimes ends up with the dart entering the board pointed at an upwards angle. Employing smaller dart flights reduces the likelihood of this happening. Another advantage of utilizing smaller numbers is that they lessen the possibility of falling victim to bounce-outs, and also make it easier to nail tight groupings without crowding out the last of your attempts.

Flights Of Fancy

The other thing you might want to consider when making a choice between flights is how the material the flight is comprised of will affect your performance. This might seem like a slightly neurotic degree of attention to detail, but the impact of that variable may be greater than you think. Which is why people that partake in sports betting take these details into account while trying to predict the results. Darts made of fabrics that are smoother and/ or softer to the touch will generate less drag, and therefore fly truer. If you fancied shelling out, there are feather dart flights you can get that will elevate your setup to the top of the line. We’d argue it’s not necessary to go to such lengths to feel confident in the construction of your weapon, and you might like the performance of cheap dart flights anyway, but it does serve to provide food for thought.







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