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We are offering dart players the opportunity to have their throws analysed professionally.  Paul Gillings is a qualified performance analyst who has made darts his sport of choice.

We believe that this expertise is unrivalled in terms of an analysis and advice service for all standards of dart players.

Please visit our YouTube channel for examples of what we do!

What You Do

Pay for your coaching report! You can pay using PayPal here!

We then require two short video clips from you. We would prefer a clip of you throwing three darts from the view the board gets of you (face on) and three darts from the side. We like to see your feet too if possible so you may need to film one more clip. 

Please send your video via Email - paul@dartsperformancecentre.com or you one of the big file transfer sites - Transfer Big Files can be found here http://bit.ly/2k7zJCt


What We Do

When you have uploaded your video clips we will upload it into our video analysis software for analysis.

From here we can assess exactly what is happening when you throw a dart. The software allows us to slow your throw down (subject to the quality of the file you have sent), measure angles and add lines and other drawings to emphasise areas that we would like you to focus on.

Your Report

We will compile a video report on your throw that covers the following areas:

The Set Up


The Release

The Follow Through


We will upload your video to YouTube (Private Listing) and/or send you a DVD of your report. We use the video you sent, voice over and graphics to explain where we think the areas are that may improve your technique!


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