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 How to Film Yourself!

The better quality the video the better results we can get out of our software! So if you have a video camera hidden away then dig it out for your video shoot!

But, the video app on mobile phones are getting better and better. If that is what you have then fine! If the footage is not good enough we will refund you so get filming!

The Basics

Keep the camera still when filming. If you have a tripod great, if not rest your camera or phone on something to stop the "video shakes"!

Camera View

We need two angles for our service. A front view and a side view:


The camera would ideally be placed just above the board, pointing directly at the participant from a minimum of the waist upward, if however you cannot get the waist into the shot concentrate on getting the whole motion of the arm in the shot.


For this we need you to capture the entire motion from head to toe including the entire path of the dart arm to the follow through phase.

Here is a video a client has sent that produced good results!

Technical Bit 

If you know your avi's from your MPegs then an avi file is perfect for us. If you don't, no problem. Our upload widget can handle virtually any file, so send us whatever your device produces and we will do the rest!

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