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Newsletter Pack
Newsletter Pack Newsletter Pack Newsletter Pack

Newsletter Pack


Here is our special Newsletter pack for any player to push their game along:

We will send you:

1 Practice Plan Book (£9.95)

1 Set of Outshots Cards and Practice Games (£5.90)

Our experiment pack to help you tweak your kit! (£5.95)

Usual Price  £21.80 (+£1.50 Postage)

Special Deal Price £15.00 (+ £1.50 UK postage)

Practice Plan

Are you sure you are getting the right sort of practice to improve your game? Are you keeping a record of your progress? Do you know for sure you are improving? If you have answered NO to any of our questions then we may be able to help!

We think we have addressed some of these issues with our practice plan. All of the straightforward practice games are laid out in session and week order saving you the time hunting around for different games to play.

There is an area to keep your statistics so you have a weekly record of how many darts it takes you to score and finish. Having this sort of feedback on your darts is essential, why? Because as you witness your scores improving this motivates you to practise more!

There are 8 weeks of practice, split into 5 sessions per week!


OUTSHOTS' Darts Checkout Combination Cards are a unique training aid for players looking to improve their finishing, combination shots and counting. They have been designed to:

be a practice tool for all players of all abilities

help the seasoned player learn which of the available checkouts they can hit with the greatest accuracy

help the confident league player increase the fluency of his/her throw by learning the alternative checkouts available  

help beginners learn the checkouts for the first time

There are 52 double-sided cards in each deck which contains approximately 4,000 different checkouts... 

We have also designed 4 practice games specifically for the Outshots card. You will receive a free copy of our practice games booklet which contains all the details of the games and score sheets for each one!

Experiment Pack

The right combination of flights and stems is vital for success on the oche. You need to consider how your darts land to optimise your chances of stacking and grouping the darts as well as finishing. You will be surprised the difference the combination of flights and stem can make. 

Free Four Page Guide

This is your chance to experiment! We will also send you our four page guide to carrying out the experiment. In the experiment pack we guide you through the steps you need to take so you can make the right decision about whether to change your set up or stick with what you have!

Flights Experiment Pack

You will receive one set of each of the following shapes (colours may vary).





Shaft Experiment pack

You will recieve one set of each of the following size shafts:

Extra short nylon

Short nylon

Tweeny nylon

Medium nylon


Flight and Shaft Pack

This pack contains all the flight and shaft combinations mentioned above!

Price: £15.00

Sorry, this item is currently awaiting stock. Please contact us on paul@dartsperformancecentre.com if you require further information.

Standard UK delivery: £1.50

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