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Elementary Darts Range
Elementary Darts Range Elementary Darts Range

Elementary Darts Range

Grassroots players have always been very important to the growth of the DPC! We had a vision to create a range to go alongside our successful Performance Darts that were high quality but also at a very affordable price!

The Elementary range was created to achieve this. Look and observe how superb these 90% tungsten darts are. They are supplied fully loaded and ready to play for £19.95

Take the mystery out of playing darts with the Darts Performance Centre Elementary range!

Elementary 01 - 90% tungsten with a lovely sharp, aggressive grip for maximum control and perfect for assisting in developing finger placement! These striking barrels are coated with red and black rings.

Weight 24g  53mm x 6.44mm

Weight 26g  54mm x 6.82mm

Elementary 02 - 90% Tungsten with a classic subtle ringed grip. The rings are cut deep for optimum finger placement and the tapered nose of the dart will assist in grouping the darts on the board.

Weight 22g  50mm x 6.80

Weight 24g  51mm x 6.85mm

Weight : Elementary 01 24g

Price: £19.95

Weight : Elementary 01 26g

Price: £19.95

Weight : Elementary 02 22g

Price: £19.95

Weight : Elementary 02 24g

Price: £19.95

Standard UK delivery: £1.50

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