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All Our Darts

All our darts are carefully selected by our qualified sports science team. Head darts tester Andrew Humphrey has thirty years expererience of throwing  darts and a qualification centered on human body movement in sport, so he knows a bit about what makes a dart right for you!

Our own range of Performance Darts were designed by dart player AJ (Anthony Urmston-Toft), a true student of the game. Our Performance Darts have earned fantastic reviews from dart players of all standards.

We only have a small selection compared to most darts shops-we belive in quality not quantity!

 Stealth Darts Barrels

Stealth Barrels

A set of McCoys 90% Stealth darts barrels.

From: £18.99

HiTec Wonder Darts

Wonder Darts

A set of 80% tungsten Wonder Darts barrels

From: £16.99

HiTec Mach3

Mach 3

High quality 90% black coated tungsten darts

From: £19.99

Performance  Darts Packs


All Performance Darts and Membership Combined.

From: £29.95

Stephen Bunting G2

Bunting G2

The latest Bunting Gold G2 Darts

From: £54.95

Stephen Bunting The Bullet Nano Grip Darts

Bunting Nano Grip

A set of Stephen Bunting Nano Grip Darts

From: £27.99

Extreme Performance Darts

Extreme Steel Tip

A set of our 23g or 25 steel tip Extreme Performance Darts

From: £27.99

Jocky Wilson Darts

Jocky Wilson

A set of Jocky Wilson darts by datadart.

From: £24.00


Martin Adams

A set of BDO favourite Martin "Wolfie" Adams darts.

From: £29.99

Classic Performance Darts

Classic Darts

A Classic dart brought into the 21st Century!

From: £24.49

Carrera C10 Target Darts

Carrera C10

A set of Target Carrera C 10 darts

From: £64.95

Carrera C3 Target Darts

Carrera C3

A set of Target Carrera C3 darts.

From: £64.95

Carrera C4 Target Darts

Carrera C4

A set of Target Carrera darts.

From: £64.95

Carrera C5 Target Darts

Carrera C 5

A set of Target Carrera darts.

From: £64.95

Carrera C6 Target Darts

Carrera C6

A set of Target Carrera C6 Darts

From: £64.95

Carrerra C12 Target Darts

Carrera C12

A set of Target Carrera C12 Darts in 22g or 24g

From: £52.95

Carrera Azzuri Cortex

Azzuri Cortex

Azzuri Cortex darts from Target. CX1 CX2 and CX3

From: £74.95

Daytona Fire Darts

Daytona Fire

A set of the exclusive new Daytona Fire range from Target Darts,

From: £99.95

Distinction Pixel Grip Target Darts

Distinction Darts

The 90% Tungsten Distinction range from Target

From: £59.95

Adrian Lewis Darts Generation 1

Adrian Lewis Darts

A set of 90% Tungsten Adrian Lewis Darts by Target

From: £34.95

Adrian Lewis Generation 2 Target Darts

Adrian Lewis G2

A set of 90% Tungsten Adrian Lewis Gen 2 Darts.

From: £39.95

Adrian Lewis Generation 3 Target Darts

Lewis Gen 3

A set of Adrian Lewis Generation 3 darts by Target.

From: £45.95

Alan Norris Signature Darts

Alan Norris

A set of the new Alan Norris signature darts from Target.

From: £32.95

Assault Darts

Assault Darts

Assault Darts from Winmau 90% Tungsten

From: £30.95

BDO Darts

BDO Darts

A set of British Darts Organisation approved darts.

From: £23.49

Brendan Dolan Winmau Signature Darts

Bredan Dolan

The History Maker,Brendan Dolan's signature darts!

From: £31.95

Christian Kist

Christian Kist

A set of 85% tungsten Christian Kist darts.

From: £26.95

Darryl Fitton Signature Darts

Darryl Fitton

A set of Darryl Fitton signature darts in silver or Silica!

From: £32.95

Dave Chisnall Chizzy Pixel Grips

Chisnall Pixel

A set of Dave Chisnall Pixel grip darts.

From: £60.95

Dave Chisnall Natural Target Darts

Chisnall Natural

A set of 90% tungsten Chizzy darts.

From: £31.95

Gary Anderson Phase 3 World Champion Tungsten

Anderson Phase 3

A set of Gary Anderson World Champion Phase 3 Darts.

From: £45.95

Girl Play Darts

Girl Play

A range of 80% Tungsten Pink Target Darts!

From: £21.95

Glen Durrant Darts

Glen Durrant

The signature darts of BDO star Glen "Duzza" Durrant

From: £26.95

Ian White Unicorn Signature Darts

Ian White

A set of Ian " Diamond" White Unicorn Signature darts.

From: £32.95

James Wade Phase 2 Unicorn Darts

Wade Phase 2

A set of James Wade Premier Phase 2 Darts.

From: £34.99

Keith Deller Pro League

Keith Deller Pro

A set of Target Keith Deller Pro League Darts.

From: £25.99

Kim Huybrechts Natural Unicorn Darts

Kim Huybrechts

A set of Kim Huybrechts Unicorn darts

From: £29.95

Leighton Rees Darts

Leighton Rees

A set of signature Leighton Rees darts in 27g and 31g

From: £26.95

Mervyn King Darts

Mervyn King

A set of 90% tungsten Mervyn King dartsin silver or Black

From: £26.95

Stratos Darts From Winamu

Stratos Darts

The new Dual Core Stratos darts from Winmau!

From: £52.95

Wild Roses Darts

Wild Roses Darts

Stunning 90% tungsten steel tip darts

From: £25.95

Vapor 8 Range by Target

Vapor 8

The Vapor 8 range from Target offering grip and weight!

From: £19.95

Vanquish Darts

Vanquish Darts

A set of the new Vanquish darts from Winmau.

From: £42.95

Ultracore Player Darts RVB and Gary Anderson

Ultracore Player

Select the weight/balance of RVB's or Gary Anderson's darts

From: £54.95

Tony O' Shea Generation 2

Tony O'Shea Gen 2

A set of the Tony O'Shea Generation 2 Signature darts.

From: £32.95

Ted Hankey

Ted Hankey

A set of 90% Tungsten Ted Hankey darts.

From: £26.95

Michael Smith Maestro Darts

Michael Smith

A set of Michael Smith maestro natural darts.

From: £33.00

Paul Nicholson Winmau Darts

Paul Nicholson

A set of Paul Nicholson darts from Winamu!

From: £24.95

Raymond Van Barneveld Phase 5 Purist

Barney Phase 5

A set of the Barney Phase 5 Purist darts

From: £39.99

Raymond Van Barneveld World Champion Unicorn Darts 2017

Barney 2017

A set of the Barney's World Champion darts by Unicorn

From: £39.95

Scott Mitchell Winmau Signature Darts

Scott Mitchell

A set of the new Scott Mitchell signature darts

From: £31.95

Scott Waites 2016 Signature Darts

Scott Waites 2016

A set of the latest Scott Waites signature darts.

From: £26.95

Simon Whitlock Gold Darts 2016

Whitlock Gold 2016

A set of the latest gold plated Whitlock darts.

From: £37.95

Simon Whitlock Latest 2016 Edition

Whitlock Scallop

A set of the latest Simon Whitlock Signature darts.

From: £29.99

Ted Hankey New Winmau Darts

Ted Hankey Latest

Here are the latest signature darts of "The Count"

From: £32.90

Robbie Green Winmau Signature Darts

Robbie Green

Here are the signature darts of Kong, Robbie Green

From: £31.95

Interstellar Winmau Darts

Interstellar Darts

A set of the Interstellar darts from Winmau.

From: £32.95

Danny Noppert Signature Darts By Winmau

Danny Noppert

A set of rising BDO star Danny Noppert's signature darts.

From: £31.95

Andy Fordham New Onyx Coating By Winmau

Andy Fordham

A set of the new Andy Fordham onyx coated darts.

From: £31.95

Dual Grip Performance Darts

Dual Grip

A superb dual grip set of 90% tungsten Performance Darts.

From: £24.95

Dave Chizzy Chisnall Cortex Target Darts

Chisnall Cortex

Released in November 2016 the Chizzy Cortex darts.

From: £74.95

Adrian Lewis Black Pixel Grip Darts

Lewis Black Pixel

Released in November 2016 Adrian Lewis Black Titanium darts.

From: £69.95

Sonic Darts

Sonic Darts

A set of Sonic Darts from Harrows.

From: £39.95

Cobalt Darts From Harows

Cobalt Darts

A set of Cobalt darts by Harrows.

From: £41.95

SuperGrip Darts From Harrows

SuperGrip Darts

A set of SuperGrip darts from Harrows in various weights.

From: £23.95

Boxer Darts From Harrows

Boxer Darts

Great value range featuring knurled grip in different styles.

From: £21.95

Graflite Max Grip Darts From Harrows

Graflite Max Grip

A set of knurled Graflite Max Grip darts.

From: £21.95

Dave Chizzy Chisnall Gold Darts

Chisnall Gold

A set of Dave Chizzy Chisnall Gold darts!

From: £35.95

Dennis Priestley Darts

Dennis Prestley

A set of Dennis "The Menace" Priestley Darts

From: £26.95

Andy Hamilton XQMax Signature Darts

Andy Hamilton

A set of The Hammer - Andy Hamilton's signature darts!

From: £49.95

Mark Webster Signature Darts By Winmau

Mark Webster

A set of Mark Webster signature darts by Winmau!

From: £26.95

Terry Jenkins Signature Darts By Unicorn

Terry Jenkins

A set of The Bull - Terry Jenkins Signature Darts!

From: £33.95

Gary Anderson Phase 4 Purist Barrels Only

Anderson Phase 4

A set of Gary Anderson Phase 4 Purist barrels only darts!

From: £39.95

Barry Twomlow Legend Purist Barrels By Unicorn

Barry Twomlow

A set of Barry Twomlow Unicorn Purist Barrels!

From: £29.00

Gary Anderson Phase 2 Purist Unicorn Barrels

Anderson Phase 2

A set of Gary Anderson Phase 2 barrels from Unicorn!

From: £39.95

Autograph Collection Darts


High quality darts with a touch of pink!

From: £20.99

Level 5 Performance Darts

Level 5's

A set of our Level 5 darts designed by The Bear-Neil Birkin

From: £24.95

Optimum Performance Darts

Optimum Darts

A set of our Optimum Performance Darts!

From: £24.95

Raymond Van Barneveld Target Darts

RVB Target Darts

Here are the new RVB darts and kit from Target

From: £49.95

John Part Darts by Unicorn

John Part

A set of the latest John Part signature darts!

From: £46.95

Carrera Azzurri Range By Target

Carrera Azzurri

A new twist on the Carrera dart range, the Carrera Azzurri!

From: £64.95

Carrera Sport Charger By Target

Sport Charger

A set of the latest Carrera Sport Charger from Target.

From: £64.95

Carrera Sport Nitro By Target

Sport Nitro

A set of the latest Carrera Sport Nitro darts from Target.

From: £64.95

Carrera Sport Turbo By Target

Sport Turbo

A set of the latest Carrera Sport Turbo darts from Target.

From: £64.95

Kevin Painter 2016 Winmau Darts

Kevin Painter

A set of the latest Kevin Painter darts from Winamu

From: £26.95

Simon Whitlock Rainbow Darts

Wizard Rainbow

A set of Simon Whitlock Rainbow darts from Winmau!

From: £34.99

Steve Beaton 2018 Winmau Launch Darts

Beaton 2018

A set of the latest Steve Beaton darts from Winmau 2018

From: £38.99

Aspria Dual Tungsten Winmau Darts


A set of Winmau Aspria darts, in bomb shape or straight barrels.

From: £64.99

Blackout Darts From Winmau


A set of Blackout darts in bomb shape or straight barrel!

From: £28.99

Pulsar Darts From Winmau


Pulsar darts with different grip styles from Winmau!

From: £37.99

Paul Nicholson Hex Grip Darts

Hex Grip

The Hex Grip signature darts of Paul Nicholson.

From: £38.99

MVG Green Demolisher Darts

Green Demolisher

A set of the latest MVG Green Demolisher darts

From: £29.40

MVG Premier League Limited Edition XQMax Black Darts

MVG Premier

A set of black steel tip MVG Limited Edition darts.

From: £59.95

MVG Mighty Generation 2 Darts

MVG Gen 2

A set of the latest MVG signature darts from XQ Max.

From: £49.80

MVG Slam Edition

MVG Slam Edition

A set of MvG black & gold slam edition darts.

From: £60.00

Vendetta Darts

Vendetta Darts

Heavy Weight Darts with plenty of grip!

From: £19.95

Core Plus Black Brass Darts By Unicorn

Core Brass

A set of 3 coated black brass darts from Unicorn!

From: £6.99

Rob Cross Target Darts

Rob Cross

A set of Rob Cross signature darts from Target!

From: £32.95

Adrian Lewis Silver Jackpot  Brass Barrels

Silver Jackpot

A set of Adrian Lewis Silver Jackpot Brass darts

From: £5.95

Neon 3 Unicorn

Neon 3

The latest set of darts in the Unicorn Neon range,Neon 3

From: £55.95

Target Carrera C17

Carrera C17

A set of Target C17 Carrera darts.

From: £64.95

Carrera C18 By Target Darts

Carrera C18

A set of Carrera C18 darts by Target.

From: £64.95

Extreme Soft Tip

Extreme Soft Tip

A set of Soft Tip Extreme Performance Darts.

From: £15.00

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers for our darts shop from �5

From: £5.00

Big Bees Darts

Big Bees

A set of the classic Big Bees darts!

From: £19.99

Phil Taylor Power 9Five Generation 3 FirePower Steel Tip 95% Tungsten Darts

Taylor Gen 3

A set of the latest Phil Taylor Gen 3 Darts from Target!

From: £89.95

Phil Taylor Power9Five G2 Generation 2

Taylor G2

The latest Phil Taylor Power 9 Five G2 Darts

From: £79.95

Phil Taylor Purist Barrels

Taylor Purist

A selection of Phil "The Power" Taylor purist darts

From: £29.95

Power Nine5 Generation 4 Phil Taylor Darts From Target

Taylor Gen 4

The Generation 4 Phil "The Power" Taylor darts!

From: £89.95

Jeff Smith The Silencer Winmau Signature Darts

Jeff Smith

A set of the latest signature darts of Jeff "The Silencer" Smith

From: £31.95

McCoy 90% Thrust Darts

McCoy 90% Thrust

A set of McCoy 90% tungsten Thrust darts.

From: £15.99

Vice Darts

Vice Darts

A set of 85% tungsten darts barrels

From: £17.99

Max 90% Darts Barrels

Max 90% Barrels

A set of 90% tungsten McCoy Max darts barrels.

From: £18.99

Diva Darts From Harrows

Diva Darts

The Diva range with high technology barrels.

From: £21.95

Stealth Black Darts

Stealth Black

A set of 90% tungsten stealth darts in black

From: £21.95

Performance Darts - The Original!


Performance Darts-Designed As "The Perfect Darts"

From: £21.99

Ice Darts

Ice Darts

The Ice darts range from Harrows in 21g,22g,23g, 24g, 25g, 26g, 28g & 30g

From: £24.95

Elite Performance Darts

Elite Performance

A set of Elite Performance darts in various weights.

From: £23.99

High Performance Darts

High Performance

Our Performance Darts,with added grip!

From: £23.99

Peter Sajwani Darts

Peter Sajwani

A set of Peter Sajwani signature darts!

From: £24.99

Braziliant Challenger Darts

Challenger Darts

PDC Challenge Tour player Diogo Portela's signature darts!

From: £24.95

Challenger 2 Performance Darts

Challenger 2

The latest set of Diogo Portel's Signature darts!

From: £26.95

Gun Metal Elite Performance Darts

Gun Metal Elite

A set of 90% Tungsten Elite Performance scalloped darts.

From: £26.99

Golden Guns Elite Performance Darts

Golden Guns

Special Edition of Gun Metal Elite darts in a gold finish.

From: £27.99

Fire Harrows Darts

Fire Darts

Ultra durable non-slip barrel 90% tungsten darts.

From: £31.95

Diva Dark Darts From Harrows

Diva Dark Darts

Stunning barrels with a tough non-slip finish.

From: £29.95

Kyle Anderson 23g Darts

Kyle Anderson

A set of Kyle Anderson Unicorn 23g Tungsten darts.


Devon Petersen Contender Signature Darts

Devon Petersen

A set of Devon Petersen's signature darts from Unicorn!


James Wade Black Unicorn Darts

James Wade Darts

A set of black 90% tungsten 20g James Wade darts.

From: £32.95

Daryl Gurney Signature Darts

Daryl Gurney

A set of Daryl Gurney signature darts in 23g and 25g!

From: £33.99

Spike Darts

Spike Darts

You like grip? These have it and then some!

From: £25.00

Michael Smith DNA Purist Barrels Only

Michael Smith DNA

A set of 22g Michael Smith contender Purist barrels.


Phase 5 28g Mirage Darts By Unicorn

Phase 5 Mirage

A set of 28g Phase 5 Mirage darts from Unicorn!


Madars Razma Signature 95% Tungsten Darts by Unicorn

Madars Razma

A set of Madars Razma signature darts in 25g.


Zagato Darts From Winamu

Zagato Darts

A set of Winmau Zagato darts in various weights

From: £52.95



A set of Ultracore darts - You choose the set up!

From: £54.95

Neon 1  Unicorn Darts

Neon 1 Darts

A set of rainbow neon darts from Unicorn

From: £54.00

Phil Taylor Power 9Five Darts

Power 9Five Darts

The Phil Taylor Power 9Five Darts from Target

From: £69.95

Paul Lim Signature Darts By Target

Paul Lim

A set of 22g Paul Lim Signature Darts from Target


Michael Van Gerwen World Champion 2017 Limited Edition

MVG Limited Edition

The 2017 World Championship Limited Edition darts!

From: £84.95