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James Wade Black Unicorn Darts
James Wade Black Unicorn Darts James Wade Black Unicorn Darts

James Wade Black Unicorn Darts

 A set of James Wade 20g black 90% tungsten Maestro Premier Players Choice darts from Unicorn.

The set includes:

  • ·         Unicorn Black Titanium Series
  • ·         Black Titanium Aluminium Nitride Coating
  • ·         Ultra Hard Finish
  • ·         90% Tungsten Nickel Alloy
  • ·         Engraved Unicorn hallmark of quality and player signature
  • ·         Guaranteed Weight series
  • ·         Aluminium Shafts
  • ·         Maestro Plus Signature Flights
  • ·         Black Titanium Series Midi Wallet

Weight : 20g

Price: £32.95

Standard UK delivery: £1.50

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