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Dave Chizzy Chisnall Gold Darts
Dave Chizzy Chisnall Gold Darts

Dave Chizzy Chisnall Gold Darts

Target, 90% Tungsten Dave Chisnall darts, complete with steel point, Pro Grip shafts and Target 100 micron flights.

Chizzy joined the PDC in January 2011 and was voted the best newcomer in 2012 and is one of Targets brightest hopes for the future.

These darts are coated in Gold Titanium Nitride this is a PVD coating used in the tooling Industry to protect against high wear.

These darts are further re- machined to leave a stunning Gold and Natural Tungsten two tone effect finish.

These Pro Player darts are produced to a professional standard and each dart is laser engraved with the "Chizzy" logo.

These darts are endorsed by Target professional darts player Dave Chisnall, and bear Target's unique lifetime barrel guarantee.


22g 51mm x 6.4mm

24g 51mm x 6.6mm

Weight : 22g

Price: £44.95

Weight : 24g

Price: £44.95

Standard UK delivery: £1.50

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