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Q Why are there so many different areas covered in the Darts Performance Centre Website?
A There are many different skills and attributes that are needed to become a better dart player. You can practice for 8 hours a day but if you are not practising in the right areas or you suffer from terrible nerves during a game then you will still lose... All the areas we have identified are the basic requirements for better performance; you need to master them all to be successful.

Q So if I sign up is it likely I will be World Champion in a few months time?
A Err no, unless your name is Phil Taylor! Sorry we do not offer miracle cures or make any wild promises. All our ideas and techniques are based on sound academic research that has been applied in other sports. The two key ingredients required are patience and commitment. You need to take the time to record your scores, try the practice games and the relaxation techniques. Paying the subscription will not up your average; however, committing yourself to our ideas will...

Q What if there are bits I don`t understand or if I have any questions?
A Contact us... All emails will be answered by the relevant expert in that particular field; there is no extra charge for this. Also, we will be having regular interactive sessions on the site for you to put any questions you have forward. One of the main points we will be getting across to you is that it is impossible to improve without feedback, the Darts Performance Website is no different, and we would love to hear from you...

Q What about in a few months time when I have tried everything, what will I get out of the site then?
A First of all some of our ideas require constant updating, goal setting targets, practice and match play averages and your training diary. However, we will be adding new parts to the site constantly. New practice games, the latest sports science techniques, nutrition advice and coaching and equipment advice. The Darts Performance Centre will continue to evolve...

It is FREE to register with the Darts Performance Centre. After you have registered you can find out how to access all this information and download our FREE Darts Performance Centre poster. Just click here to register

Q You run a darts shop, do we get a discount as members?

A Yes all paid up members of the Darts Performance Centre have a code to enter when checking out of the DPC Darts Shop. We have all the top brands in stock so you can get your membership fee back in discount for the darts and kit you need!